Legalising Prostitution in India

Legalising Prostitution in India

The world is trapped between’ illegal’ and ‘immoral ‘.Prostitution might be illegal in India, but the business of life goes on. India, a country where history is not just what we had studied in our school but it is about the great values, tradition, culture, humanity, brotherhood and religious beliefs of every Indian. It is the tradition which had been carried from our great Kings, queens, warriors and scholars. These are not merely a words written in our dictionary but it is still present in every Indian hearts, but when it comes to prostitution, which is said to be the one of the oldest profession in India, in fact it is the oldest profession of the world. When it comes to prostitution history is forgotten, humanity and traditions takes a back seat. What should now we call this? A cultural India or Hippocratic India.

The most interesting part is that people are considering prostitution, a sin or black spot on our Indian culture. Prostitution has been an old age profession which came into existence. It has been claimed that is the part of our Indian society before Christ .Though surprisingly, the prostitution has still not got any specific legal recognition in our country. It can be said it is neither legal nor illegalThis profession can be considered an illegal profession in our society but still it exist since early time. Turning into a prostitute completely depends upon the situation which she has faced. No girl is born with the tag of prostitute from the Mother’s Womb. The situation differ:

  1. ill-treatment by parents.
  2. Bad company.
  3. Lack of sex education
  4. rape victim
  5. conomic problems
  6. psychological cause physical pleasure greed.


Today the thing which exist has its own history. The every practice is broadly classified into categories of religion ancient and literature. One of the practice is prostitution which has its own history. This was practice from the time of God and Goddesses the’ Indra ‘who is known to be the god of rain. In his Court there was an ‘Apsara ‘namely ‘Urvashi ‘and ‘Menaka’ from whom he used to take help to seduce and distract his enemy with their Beauty And Dance. Time has changed an Apsara who were then given respect and Honour now they are known as prostitute and they are ill treated. Nothing has changed it but our attitude made prostitute to suffer. They are also common in ancient history of Gupta till Aurangzeb. They were asked to dance sing and spend time with them to release their stress. Even in Navratri the festival of nine goddess the Statue of Durga is made by the soil taken from the prostitute door, it is said that it is a saying that it is “Puniya matii” that means pure soil. History made us to realize that prostitution is not a bad profession but they used to help the Warriors, soldiers to leave their stress.


In the conclusion I would like to say that the prostitution legalization will protect women from abuse and violence. On the contrary, it is very dangerous and risky business. People who are into this business are prone to rape. The morality of sex worker are higher as opposed people with other jobs.Furthermore, on the brighter side it can be added revenue for the government. By legalizing it Brothels, worker and other Businessman will be obliged to pay tax. Provimces and permissible prostitution will earn more tax from these businesses.

             Lastly I would like to conclude by saying that legalizing prostitution is a never ending matter. Attitude towards the prostitution should broaden the mind of our society.  Sex trade is here to stay and by recognising it as a legitimate form of work, all the involved party can receive benefits. The legalization might protect the right of sex worker, can change their life. They can live a better life’s with proper right and proper attitude.

Write-up by Richa Saxena