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Fundamental Rules of Pleading

Introduction When a dispute arises between two people, be it about anything, it is preferable to resolve the dispute without having to approach the law for the same. Reason being, the courts work in a systematic way; in fact, the …

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Difference Between Robbery And Dacoity

Introduction Robbery and dacoity are classified as ‘offences against property’ under chapter XVII of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.  Although the terms ‘robbery’ and ‘dacoity’ are often used interchangeably on account of their inter-relatedness, there are considerable points of distinction …

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Difference Between Theft And Robbery

Introduction The Indian criminal law, when read as plain text, might look confusing and overlapping. Both, the substantive and procedural laws, are drafted in a language that is beyond the understanding of a layman. Even people involved in the legal …

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