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Doctrine Of Priority In Property Law

The right to property[1] was a fundamental right under Article 31 of the Indian Constitution since the independence of India. The nation witnessed havoc during the national emergency in 1975, where the 1st woman Prime Minister of India attempted to …

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Hijab Ban Controversy

Keywords Hijab: A hijab is a headscarf, not a veil that hides the ear, head, and neck. Merely face is visible. Secular: Equal respect for all religions. It eradicates God from the matters of the state and guarantees that no …

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Difference Between Court And Tribunal

Introduction A court means an institution which has the authority to settle legal disputes between the parties. In accordance with the rule of law, administration of justice is carried out in matters relating to civil, criminal or administrative. There are …

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Administrative Relations Between Central And State

Abstract The research paper is written in layman’s terms and is totally comprehensive in nature. The paper discusses the topic “Administrative Relations Between Central And State” in wholesome nature and is inclusive of Background, provisions and technicalities. The paper right …

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Difference Between Agent And Servant

Introduction The complex nature of business forces an individual to seek assistance in dealing with transactions. It is understandable that due to shortage of time, he/she needs someone to delegate his/her work. As both servant and agent are hired to …

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