Rape – A Shame for Nation

When Nation was built it was built with thoughts, ideologies, theories. We moved struggled, survived reached in the arena of modernisation. Nation and Nationality is the ultimate essential national character of Manhood. A man always thinks of ethics, culture and the acts to prove the nationality which he has got from inheritance. To accompany and accomplish the nationhood a compassionate character arises with womanhood called the motherhood as well. In spite of Gender indiscrimination spoken in the constitution. To protect, safeguard and secure every individual is bonafide in the nature of Natural Justice.

Nature is considered to be our mother. The woman who gives us birth is the mother, the place where we live is called the motherland, the dialect that we speak is called Mother tongue. But when this alleged harassment, Rape, assault, Acid Attack is committed not only to an individual but to a family on the whole. National Character regardless is also being assassinated. This makes not only a womanhood or motherhood suffers entire Nation along with a brother husband, father, relatives, friends cries out for justice. So why can’t we demand a rarest of rare Punishment for the accused interns of ruining with the lives of so many people who kill the morale of nationhood?

No one should stop unless and until the freedom of demanding natural justice and speedy trials to such cases will not be justified. My demand as for the welfare and development of Nation includes:—

1)  When Someone comes up for help (specially stranger) by calling a sister it will be a concern and following the Stalking of a lady immediate movement of help should be provided by the Administration and police (Ref-In case of Nibraya she was addressed as Didi and over here in Hyderabad as well addressed as Didi). To reject unnecessary help asked to provide.

2) Technology for mankind- Technology can be a savior for this kind of crime and attacks When a lady is helpless there should be the latest version of a technical weapon to be provided which can be used as a laser gun to point the criminal who targets such incident of Rape. This is a general exception description in the Indian Penal code of the Right to private defence.

3) Safe in build mobile device or any kind of on touch application which provides the urgency of help along with device tracker or the information of endangered situation to the cops.

4) IQ tests of each and every individual category of males who produced the thought of doing such unsocial activities.

5) Solicitor should bar and avoid these types of defence.

It is time of reviewing the penal code on an urgent basis. Bills should be passed. Legislative and Judiciary should take immediate and necessary actions in terms of special cases like Gang Rapes.

No Reformation can reform the criminal intimation of such perverts. Judicial custody and Jail are not able to reform this type of criminal of the nation.

A life can not be replaced by any reformation. A dignity is a survival tool. India is a land of war, warriors and Freedom fighters. Those lives have not been sacrificed to give this aura to the nation. The biggest epic Ramayan and Mahabharat in the world also represent the revenge and justice provided to the woman where there was the question of her dignity and respect. The fights were the proof in the land of Rajasthan and Rajpoots were born came as a patriot and survior of Respect and dignity of womanhood, Motherland. No matter what it is it can be reformed in exchange for the Sacrifice of life and respect of a lady.

Judicial Review along with the Judiciary department should play actively for these cases to be disposed of as soon as possible taking these as special cases in order to save law order nationality and patriotism.

This Article is Written by Trisha Chakraborty  (cherry) student of Dhanbad Law College. Dhanbad

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