Russia Duma Approves Bill Targeting Unfold of False News

Image Source - Google News

Russia Duma Approves Bill Targeting Unfold of False News, Russia’s lower house, the State Duma, passed [in Russian] a bill on Thursday that will fine people and firms for spreading “fake news.”

The Duma defines faux news as “unreliable socially vital info distributed beneath the colour of authentic messages and move a security risk.” Russia’s prosecuting officer General are the one to determine whether or not the knowledge in question falls into the class of “fake news.”

The fines vary looking on whether or not the knowledge was distributed by a non-public subject (about USD $450 to $1500), an officer, or a company (about $3000 to $7500).

The fines increase for repeat offenders or if the “fake news” caused actual hurt (to over $6000 for personal voters and $22,600 for corporations).

Chairperson of the Committee on State Construction and Legislation, Pavel Krasheninnikov aforesaid that the bill is meant to be a preventative live.


The bill was originally introduced last December.

The higher house can still ought to approve the bill, and it should be signed by Russia’s president, Putin.