Social Media- A Two Edge Knife


“The demi-world of social media is like the fun house of mirrors that one finds on carnival midways. In one reflection you are too fat, in another you are absurdly thin, in another reflection you appear to have an elongated neck, in another a flat head, in still another you have next to nobody. Yet there you are, standing in front of bizarre reflection, fully formed and hearing little resemblance to any of the images before you. The difference is however, that unlike the fun house of mirrors, the distortions of media are rarely a joke[1]. – John Hofsess

Social media is a term that has been “common” for quite a while.[2] The oxford dictionary[3] defines the term “Social Media” as sites and applications that empower clients to make and offer content or to take an interest in social system administration. Social Media is an attentive piece of the new age society. The best way to define social media will be to separate it from newspapers and audiovisuals medium of television or radio. It is a group of online communication channel, deviated to the information, connection, substance and coordinated effort. Sites and applications are made for discussions, microblogging, social system administration, social bookmarking and for social curation are among the distinctive tools of social media.

Social media has been advancing rapidly, offering new and significant approaches to individuals around the globe. Presently, social media is developing into an indispensable part of our daily lives. The social system administration is presently a genuine worldwide sensation.  Social media has transformed the global sensation to a routine part of daily lives and has therefore become a significant tool globally for marketers and consumers to connect with each other.  The mainstream or conventional social media takes us on a one-way road wherein one can go through a newspaper or can view a report on TV. However, it restricts the capacity to share your introspection on the matter with others.

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Therefore, social media is a two-way road of communication. Social media indicates and shows collaboration among individuals where they edify, make or trade data and plans as virtual groups. “Social media is the most apparent, captivating and intuitive manifestation of advertising. It joins the genuine coarseness of continuous substance with the magnificence of bona fide distributed correspondence.” “Social media has three signs[4]: First, Evolution, Second, Revolution and then Contribution. In the first place, it is an advancement of how we impart, supplanting email as a rule. It’s an upheaval: For the first, we have free entry, momentary, worldwide correspondence. We are living in an energizing time. And third, social media is recognized because of the capacity of everyone to impart and help as a distributer.”


Social media has come up with a new path of transforming the citizens. This segment manages eight key progressions it has mastered. Intriguing with social media is a common movement, so it is vital to comprehend that influencing social media is a great deal more different than working with conventional media.


Twitter is a microblog administration. Its clients can send and view one another’s overhauls. This micro blogging site is confined to 140- character “tweet”, therefore whatever one wants to tweet should be well drafted and should have meaning as well. The twitter accounts are known as twitter handles. An individual or a company can register itself on twitter.  Twitter is all about exchanging messages and broadcasting any firsthand information as well as retweeting other people’s tweets. Much the same as Facebook, Twitter is also focused around kinship: clients can choose to pick messages and the tweets are aimed at those who have decided to take the messages.[5]


The essential thought behind wikis is to get as many individuals as possible taking interest in the generation, survey and upkeep of learning. Wikipedia, an online reference book, is likely the most celebrated illustration; however, a wiki might be utilized for different purposes too. A political gathering could create its electing stage or compose a procedural project or any such situations where numerous individuals are required for info. Beginning with wiki is moderately basic, subsequently there are various free or affordable projects that can be accessed and be easily utilized in web program. The web facilitating is carried out by a distal administration supplier, who also deals with reinforcements, duplicates and other routine support. It’s not difficult to begin by taking a gander at wiki administrations like Pbworks and Wiki spaces.


YouTube is web’s extremely famous feature administration, where individuals can watch features made and transferred by its clients. A decent feature display is a great specialized gadget, and with cutting edge technology, great quality feature recordings could be made effectively and economically. Features disseminated through YouTube are particularly essential in battle work, on the grounds that the fighting staff can then utilize the feature tidings to the disadvantage of their rivals without TV plugs. A crusade feature should not be excessively lengthy; it is tricky to take a gander at a “talking head” for a few minutes.

Therefore, it is better to make several short features instead of a long one; a mixture of film son open deliberation or meetings instead of only one individual conversing with the Polaroid. Use other visual material separated from the face shots: a feature presentation could be made livelier by including visual supports, for example, pictures, charts, etc. Presently, YouTube requests the users to appreciate the legitimacy of copyright. A while ago when it began, YouTube was stuffed with numerous kinds of copyright features. It is essential that you upload the videos only of you have their copyright.


Facebook is a social media site which is all about knowing people and later adding them to your circle of Facebook friendlist. To have an account on Facebook one generally needs to have an email id and a mobile number. After registering on Facebook one can update his or her profile. In the event that Facebook impacts general assessment, the profile ought to be as open as could reasonably be expected. Photographs and features could be added to a profile. No acceptable confinements on what pictures could be utilized for are mentioned there, yet it is polite to include photographs of individuals who have provided their authorization.

Facebook is an elusive loop of companions: you can chat with pristine companions and find new ones. To individual clients, perusing their companions’ messages and composing remarks or pressing the “Like” catch are the most well- known methods for communicating in this medium. Discussions made or remarked by clients might be followed in the online group. Facebook can tell clients of new remarks via email. They can contribute to discussions when not logged on to the site.  In today’s world almost everyone has their presence on Facebook whether it is an individual, a group or any private or a government company.

At a point when contemplating making utilization of social media, various things must be questioned[6]: What do individuals need? What desires do they have? What progressions would they say they are ready for? What assets are accessible to them? The duration they are ready to use on social system?[7]


In today’s world, teens unite with each other and with the world through computerized innovation. Truth be told, unlike the past era, children today don’t socialize in shopping centres any longer. Rather, they “hang out” on the web. Social system administration could be unsafe for adolescents when the content is found harmful or when security is in question. But when utilized legitimately, the destinations can have a positive impact on teenagers. Here are nine focuses high scholars ought to exploit and folks ought to know:

1. It instructs. In view of the “offering” choice, social systems give teenagers an opportunity to send useful features and articles to one another. It likewise connects them with their educators, mentors, and scholarly specialists.

2. It hurries correspondence. No requirement for snail speed telegrams to convey the desired information. With one click, one’s message reaches the expected destination. If it is a critical moment, social media is very helpful and people can get the consideration of the individual they wish to contact immediately effortlessly and work together with their companions on school ventures.

3. It fabricates, connects over boundaries. With the help of social media, youngsters can meet new companions from ranges far off. Speaking with people from distinctive societies can help teenagers’ become smarter socially.

4. It fortifies connections. Communicating online is easier and faster. For all intents and purposes, talking with an acquaintance permits high scholars to take in more about one another, thus, reinforcing the trust between two gatherings. It likewise scaffolds separation. Through social media, young people can stay in touch and reconnect with companions from their past.

Unfavorable Effects of Social Media

Our day to day lives spin around engineering and a large number of us can’t envision a day without logging on the web or utilizing our cellular telephones. The social system administration has turned into a standard way of life for the general public with sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and a lot of people holding a special and imperative part in our everyday lives. The thought behind the social system administration is to empower us to have better contact with loved ones, promote strongholds, specialists or items and interface with new individuals. Social system administration has indeed helped numerous positive things. However, is it also influencing us contrarily? Here’s a rundown of some negative perspectives that accompany dynamic social systems administration conduct.

1. Dependence on Social Media: Despite the fact that no sickness or issue has yet been associated with the social system administration habit, still various practices connected with over the top utilization of social media have of late turned into a matter that needs examination and exploration. That said, a social system administration fiend can said to be somebody who utilizes social media exorbitantly to a point where it meddles with other day-to-day exercises.

For example, always checking Facebook notices or “stalking” individuals’ Facebook profiles for days on end. Anyway, if you use three hours a day perusing arbitrary tweets from outsiders means you’re dependent on Twitter? What about five hours? One can contend that it was simply news-perusing to stay overhauled, correct? Yet could the endless hours we use on social media be the reason behind behavioural issue? Is it true that we are making ourselves debilitated through social system administration without actually being mindful of it?

2. Consistent comparison with others: Let’s be honest, we all take a gander at one another’s social system administration destinations, respecting garments, lifestyles and even connections. More than regularly longing that our lives were as extraordinary as others’. Anyhow when it descends to it, individuals for the most part have a tendency to impart just the sparkling highlights of their lives, forgetting the dull ones deliberately. We typically don’t share or post about exhausting nights spent at home, rough connections or money related dependability. In spite of all that no serious thought is given about when individuals begin contrasting their lives with others and rather wind up sounding hopeless, which now and again prompt low can respect toward oneself, and misery.

3. Individual Vs Professional presentation: A fundamental inquiry that regularly appears in our personalities while imparting individual data on social locales is the way we adjust our individual and expert lives online?[8] “Am I agreeable in offering pictures of my weekend outings to my colleagues? When would it be advisable for me to draw a line?” The social system scene is tremendous and at times prone to scare the individuals who decide to blend both their social and expert lives on the web.

Likewise, social media administration is an essential component to be considered when wandering into any profession. Showing our “fun” sides online is an obligation when an occupation seeker or management can undoubtedly get access to such data. Certainly a large number of us need to build our social system administration by posting everything on these destinations; however, at what expense? It can get very unpredictable to adjust posting individual data on social media locales while gambling to annoy an associate, potential boss, teacher or maybe even your gang.

4. Becoming “Companions” online: although social system administration helps us to unite with new individuals, it has also affected how individuals become companions. As opposed to contacts in person, individuals these days are happy to span through a perpetual rundown of measured bits of individual data, or interface through remarks, or even visit with different individuals at the same time. We are exchanging a lot of personal connections with an exceptionally shallow manifestation of cooperation. Numerous individuals who are close companions on Facebook are not able to engage in a personal discussion affably. And then there are individuals who instead of offering their musings and issues to their “genuine” companions, invest unending time over the web.


It has been regularly said that India is one of the most youthful nations on the planet, maybe the most youthful – half of Indians are under the age of 25 and 65% of us are under 35. It implies that there are more potential social media clients in India than are at any other place on the planet. To comprehend better where we stand, all we need to do is to see the information onthe four top social media sites – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+.

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According to State of Media Social Media Survey Report Neilsen, 2017[9] As for Facebook use, India is the second-largest user in the world, just behind the United States. There are 45,796,460 Facebook clients in India, which is equivalent to 3.90percent of the aggregate populace and 56.54 percent of the aggregate online populace. India has the second-largest base of Linkedin clients too. India has an aggregate of 13, 352, 622 clients which are equivalent to 1.14% of the aggregate populace, and 16.48% of the online populace. India is additionally the second-biggest client for Google+, and as for Twitter 16 million Indians are dynamic. When talking of the current state of social media in India, we ought likewise talk of two other overwhelming social media destinations: Orkut and ibibo, which have 15.5 million and 5 million clients respectively.

The way of social media utilization in India The social media use in India is more visual. Individuals offer pictures because they do not require language competence of the individuals for perception. Content-based or, say, presumption based social media investment in India is still very low as a result of the absence of English language capability of the larger populace. In any case, it is important that individuals have created a workaround this issue by offering content as pictures. If you have been on Facebook at any point then you must have seen content-headed pictures surrounding Facebook. The imperative of creating social media locales in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu and Tamil can’t be accentuated simply by the way that Hindi and Bengali are two of the most spoken languages on the planet and Telugu and Tamil are notfar behind. That is why after Facebook and Twitter other social media destinations are likewise creating their stages in Hindi.


1. Create Content People Care About Individuals are like felines – genuine. Individuals like felines enough to partner business magnificence with the capacity of your feline to do reverse somersaults – false. Individuals need to see genuineness from a business, not how great it is with cats. With billions of features, pictures and articles imparted around the social web, as an official you have to make content that individuals really think about. This is the reason brilliant executives understand that the bona fide engagement of a large number of viewers is specifically dependent on the innovativeness and excitement you put into your substance. This sort of innovativeness could be as basic as delivering a week by week webinar of what you adapted as the week progressed, or a meeting with a worker, or an exchange with a customer. Engagement with, and understanding of, your association gives your organization an identity that reverberates in the standard society.

2. Practicing Distribution Competence Regardless of how astounding your substance is, if nobody ever sees it, it’s useless. The genuine progress of your social media endeavours is specifically relative to your capability to influence your crowd and push your substance. As a pioneer, you must distinguish the key social system administration influencers and evangelists in your corner and get them to blog and remark on your substance. This will make an attractive atmosphere around your brand that will draw in throngs of inquisitive clients.

3. Pushing Social Media Awareness Pioneers must be ready to assume the part of a coach to advertise social media reading proficiency in an association. Facilitating workshops and coaching projects for social media mindfulness will help workers better comprehend the significance of web 2.0 and lead to better online battle systems of your association. Appointing extra positions to help the stream of arranged correspondence, for example, content keepers, system experts, group directors, and so on is an extraordinary activity to adequately outfit the force of social media.

4. Reconfiguring Your Organizational Infrastructure As a pioneer, forming your organization’s work process base in a manner that incorporates vertical responsibility and transparency with even systems administration is a key test. Esteeming the aptitude and criticism of your clients and workers and tending to their worries will make a feeling of aggregate obligation regarding the state of your business.

5. Staying On Top of the Game A solid pioneer must be knowledgeable about all parts of the social media and reliably track the most recent bleeding edge social media instruments in the business sector.


Social Media and society both are inter-related and affect each other in many ways. Sometimes social media communication is guided by society and sometimes media have dominance over society.[10] The mass media are essential not only in promotion and propagation of innovative ideas but also in the transformation of the society. The media affects and changes the behavior, thinking, perception and ideas of people often. Being the public broadcaster, a television in India had originated as a social, economic and educational project in 1949. 1991). Television was seen as a catalyst of social change and national development, sensitizing society about social justice, educating the population and developing its human resources.

As an effective audio-visual media, television has tremendous impact on Indian society where majority of population is illiterate. The effectiveness of social media has been a matter of great concern among the media researchers right from the beginning. There is a long debate regarding medium and content. The theory of Marshall McLuhan, ‘Medium is the message’ has been a subject of debate among the mass researchers and critiques on the ground that content (program) is more important than medium. Thus, social media is a very effective tool of communication to sensitise the people in a developing country like India but that has to be used in effective manner.


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