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How To File Cyber Crime Complaint?

Introduction The advancement of technology and the communication system has made the world a global village. Following these footsteps and the recent steps by the government, India is no exception to it. The increased volume in the online user and …

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How To File A Case Without Lawyer in India?

Yes, it is possible to file a lawsuit without a lawyer but people fear if they are allowed to file a lawsuit without a legal professional. There’s a constant fright that the wrongdoing can go unaddressed and the wrongdoer may …

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‘Fake’ or ‘Fact’ – An Information Disorder

INTRODUCTION India’s battle against fake news has got vehement with time, even the government pressurizes tech companies for more content regulation, and tech companies are attempting to clean up one mess after another. The authenticity of news has become the …

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All About the Rule of Law

‘Rule of Law’ is a concept of Constitutional jurisprudence and one of the most important principles in modern legal systems. The concept was introduced by Albert Venn Dicey in his book ‘Introduction to the Study of the Law of the …

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Hate Speech : A Call To Destruction

The creation of the word ‘love’ also lead to the birth of word ‘hate’ which conquered the world, and hatred became immortal in the society it conspired into ‘Hate Speech’ as a bane to the world at large. Words that …

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Meaning and Essentials of Judgment under CPC

Meaning:  ‘Judgement’ means the reasoning given by the court in order to support its decision. No special paramountcy is given to judgment except saying that it represents the reason the led the court to its decision. According to Wharton’s law …

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