Till When? (Akhir kab tak) By Ashish Mishra

When a brave soldier is martyr, that day …….

The day in which the eyes are moist, the mind is sad, the heart is in the fire …

I was thinking what I wrote! I was just looking at the people.Some people was took a candle in hand and taking Selfie and some people forcing me to make candle pic DP for a few hours’.

I was thinking that what was happened to our society.A brave soldier was martyred everyday on the border but there was no candle march for them, but a sudden one day patriotism came out in the people. Large organizations like BJP, ABVP, CONGRESS, SP, BSP etc. Big universities like BHU, DU, JNU etc.  and others are passionate about one day patriotism and selfie and join the world of appearances. So I am also thinking that what I can write and why! To be sad! To show anger! To kill the terrorists! Or to wake the society!

We are all sad, the entire India is sad, on the martyrdom of the soldiers. But shouting is not necessary. I am angry but I do not necessarily think abusive. I want to overthrow terrorism today, but it was not in my hands. One of my friend,she is a M.Sc. Student in central university of Varanasi.She was saying that today his companions took out the candle march. I asked why they took out a  candle march.She said  to wake up the society.

I want to tell you all that if the matter is to awaken the society then I do not see such a society which has to be taken out of the candle march to awaken..

Terrorism emerges from among us and takes a formidable look and we keep quiet and then suddenly our patriotism becomes awake. As long as there is no attack, where do we live? We have heard people say that unless the incident happens, the police will not wake up, but we too have become the same, we also wait for the big event and then one day patriotism shows.Why we do not come forward for those brave soldiers who are martyred everyday and show resentment in front of the government. If we do tuition on anti-national forces, then it is known that anti-national forces do not come anywhere, they are taking birth from here . Their harvest is rising here.

When some politicians favor Kashmiri separatist leaders, then where do we live? Why do not we get noticed? This separatist leader is emerging as an underground crop. Why do not we suffer because unless a soldier is martyred? There is daily road accident, and when someone is dying on the road, we drive the car ahead. Seeing any violence, we all cut off the edge and read the newsletter the next day with great pride that the news that has been printed, we saw the incident with our eyes,then where is our sensitivity? We are sad Seeing the patchwork.We did not took any candle march. Where did these nonsense tradition come from.I was angry and i will not abuse, why not make tomorrow tomorrow strong! Use your anger when an anti-national voice comes from us. We should want revenge from the anti national  people of this country and from Pakistan. But not on Facebook. Not on DP of whats app. We on the ground…. reading a newspaper daily, changing a channel.Next day, on this day we will see how many remember the names of the martyrs. Will not stay … you know too. One day a leader said that ‘soldiers are only going to die’. He is the leader today, then where were we? And the list of those leaders is very long. A leader says the soldiers are raped?

We are also silent in listening to this and the political politics of that leader is shining. Why do not we get angry then? Why do not we take a stand against such leaders, why do not we do anything like a candle march? We have all been jackal suddenly been huan huan in the herd come  moonless night again  quite  why? The incident is tragic. But mourning the event will be more tragic than it is. Why is the army killed every single time? There are some questions, answer needs. Do not mourn over the death of the martyrs. Make life more alive A festivities on the worries of the martyrs mean that they keep alive, inside, within their coming generation. The rest of us are not in a hurry to speak. It may look bad, but if we are silent on the crime around us, then there is no right to speak on terrorism. Keep reading the newspaper, change the channel and say proudly we are Indians. Without knowing its meaning without knowing it. Often we have seen some Indian politicians who restrict their patriotism to statements.

Mamta Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal, Tejasavi Yadava and others, when the CBI comes in hand, they sit on the dharna against the central government, but when a brave soldier is martyred, no one raised any questions to central government, they did not sit on dharna . Just a few days back, Akhilesh Yadav was stopped from going to Allahabad University campus, thousands of youths clashed with police administration for Akhilesh Yadav and got against the government, some even get sticks for Akhilesh Yadav. But when a leader speaks to the soldiers to die, the soldiers are raped, then these people do not get caught up with the leaders from the government and they do not keep hitting. Like these young people, the soul of the politicians is dead who fall to any degree to prove their selfishness. Now we are not proud of being Indian, proud of being a friend of a martyr, and his Even the misery of going We are silent, we are waiting, change, we will say, we will laugh again.

This article has been written by By Ashish Mishra

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