What are the Differences Between Rules And Regulations

“If you are following the rules and regulations don’t be ashamed, be proud -Debashish Choudhury”

Rules and regulations are implemented to make a country harmonious. Usually, the government sets rules and regulations for the common people. When rules and regulations are properly implemented and obeyed, it keeps the country running smoothly. People who disobey or go against these rules and regulations are responsible for riots and disharmony in the country. It is important for us to understand the difference between rules and regulations to be a responsible citizen of India. With the correct knowledge of rules and regulations in the country, it is also important to follow them sincerely without fail. If we fail to follow them due to lack of knowledge or for our own leisure, we eventually harm and weaken the system in which we live.


Rules are general guidelines and can be used on any level such as in a household where the head of the family can set rules for the children or in a company where the boss can set rules for junior employees stating the guidelines on how a task has to be done. It isn’t rigid and it can be changed according to needs and wants. It is also set for the people to guide them in maintaining law and order by following stricter guidelines which are the regulations. Rules are simple instructions that can be understood by laymen. When people follow rules, it makes work easier and keeps it under control. A simple habit which says “early to bed, early to rise” is also a kind of rule followed by many people for better health and functioning of their lives.


Regulations, on the other hand, cannot be used as a general term and it is usually used on a larger scale. It can be used as a legal term. For example, regulations are set by the government for maintaining law and order in the country or by the CEO of the company for maintaining law and order in the company. They are rigid and cannot be amended easily.


Rules and regulations are different but it is usually set for following a specific law. For example, Drinking and driving is a punishable offence under section 185 of The Motor Vehicles Act,1988 making it a regulation that people need to follow compulsorily. But, for making more people obey this regulation, smaller rules are set like usage of a breathalyzer to test the alcohol content in the person’s blood or a basic fine. The accused person when stopped by the police at a check post, is liable to get himself tested for alcohol content in his body. Breaking rules, as well as regulations set by the government, is a punishable offence.


Law is the father of all the rules and regulations. The various rules and regulations are made to ultimately protect the law. Without law, there will be no peace and harmony in the country. The citizens will not be able to live up to their needs. The exploitation of rights and resources will start happening. Therefore, it is important for us to keep in mind all the consequences of breaking the law and all the rules and regulations attached to it. We should be responsible citizens and we should educate the underprivileged and the people who are not well aware of the laws made by the government, we should motivate people to start following the right path by not breaking rules and regulations. The country grows with the growth of its citizens. It is important to grow together for the country. While doing our bit we gradually lessen the workload on higher authorities and help in smooth functioning, both in a company as well as in a country.


Regulations are like elder siblings and rules are like younger siblings, they come from a common source. Rules abstain a person from doing something whereas regulations abstain a person from doing something which is not allowed by the law.[i] Usually, the punishment for breaking a regulation is much severe than that of breaking a rule because regulations are made to protect the law in the country and it is stricter. Whereas, rules are made to protect the regulations.

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This article is authored by Raajshree Vardhan, 1st Year B.A.LL.B (Hons.) student at Ansal University.

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