What Should Be Done To Change The Scenario Of The Legal System Today?

 ” Today’s law is greased with corruption, reformed with position, and directed with superiority”

Our law today doesn’t have more of justice, irrespective of other factors of society, to everyone rather it has just justice to the rich brats who can afford our law. This article does not state what good our legal system is doing rather it focuses on things which our legal system can improve to make our society a means to safe and just full livelihood.

Let’s start with the basic problem which everyone is facing related to law and need to change it. It’s the matter of choice and perception which our law takes into consideration before filing a suit and actually willing to provide justice. Yes, I am talking about the difference which every case file of poor has to suffer and that of rich do not have to. This can be traced back to the fact that bureaucrats work for money even upholding a better position, power and responsibility to elucidate justice. So here comes first wall to be outbroken of our legal system so that we can smoothen the working and a better legal nation.

Outlook and Working apparently seems to be somethings the same, but when it comes to law, we are wrong about our perception. We have a great outlook of our legal system starting from our parliamentary system, houses to judiciary, etc. but working, lies in the hand of some 10% rich people who has the right, though not fundamental, but with a silver spoon in mouth. They can play with laws, though they are wrong. Here comes the point of equality, which our country proudly boasts of. A need to change without understanding the problem is coercion but when we desire to and want to change, we may sail thousands of oceans to applicate it. So, this adds up to second point in our list of legal flaws.

Let’s not look only from the view of what bureaucrats do, but also what we as responsible citizens do. Do we follow every law made or just fear not to get punished for some heinous crime. This is where our legal system lack once again. It has lost control over our public to let them be disciplined from the primary level. This has to be implemented for Ad Hoc. Try and impart discipline not because of bait of fear but because of the reason that it’s a necessity. Summing up this point just take a gist of the judiciary of our system. Some 6 months back our newspapers were flooded with the headline that we lack judicial bureaucrats to provide a better judicial system. So, when we try and fix all these problem we will have an artful legal system because today we are naive.

Hence, we end here with proving what we started with.

This article is authored by Abhishek Kothari, student of B.B.A. LL.B at Auro University (School Of Law)

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