Why Did I Choose to Study Law: Asadulla Al Galib

“I want to be a lawyer” this was a strong message towards myself from my childhood days. Even today I am standing on that. My name is Asadulla Al Galib residing at a village near the Indo-Bangladesh border area at Murshidabad district in the Indian state West Bengal. The lights of two Bengal flashes on both sides of Bengal, the only difference is the border.

More than 90% of the people in my village are illiterate, very few are educated. Thousands of innocent people in my village are being killed and tortured in my area In the name of restricting the smugglers. Many innocents are imprisoned just on the suspicion of smuggler.

There is a very insufficiency of educated people in my village, on the other hand, in the political past, I see thousands of innocent people are imprisoned. All of these has not been tolerated by me at all.

In which school did I study? What do my father do? I shall not evaluate all these things. Why did I come to study law is the main point to discuss here.

I respect the Constitution of India by heart and follow the same. I feel proud to be an Indian, India is my country and my country is my love.

I respect the executive, legislature and judiciary of my country, I think the Indian Constitution should be handled more efficiently so that no offender shall escape. There are law but it is not good to have so much loophole in the law. The reason is that the criminals are being released and innocent people are being caught in jail. All of these gives a lot of pain, I became pent over pain.

The unfortunate anguish of all around – the pain, because of the oppression by some of my village elders, I am a student of law today. I will not only earn, I have not come to read the law just to earn money, I have come with the dream that I will stand beside the helpless oppressed people, to bring the smile on their faces. I will pay the price of their tears in front of the judges.

What will I do after completing my study whether I prepare myself for judicial exam or practice as an advocate? Well, that is depending upon the situation. But the truth is, it’s very challenging to study law.

I have been primarily encouraged to see the two people, one is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Altamas Kabira andMr. Abu Bakker Siddique, a prominent lawyer of Murshidabad district. My childhood dream was to know the law, read the law, go to the court, stand in front of the judge, and bring smile on the faces of oppressed people standing beside them.

I am studying 5 years integrated B.A.LL.B at MAB Institute of Juridical Science, a law college affiliated under the University of Kalyani. 4th year of my study is about to end just 1 year will be left after this. What will be in the future Allah knows better.

Truly speaking, helpless people understand how difficult is to survive in rural areas. Those who do not have money, not more people in the family, No one care for them. It really happens.I, Asadulla Al Galib have seen it in my own eyes. Just only to protect myself and to establish the identity of mine, I choose to study law.

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