Why PDF Is The Best Option For Any Law Firm

You have heard several horror stories of a lawsuit. You imagine a lawyer holding a large stack of papers and continuously passing the papers to his colleagues getting the right input as well as feedback. Afterward, the office is messy with several document files and folders that take a lot of time to search. When it comes to sending an attorney to a Court some documents are missing on the time and it could be problematic to find the right one at the right time. Luckily, the innovation of new technologies provides the best ways to work with documents.

Modern lawyers use PDF documents rather than old-school binders and folders. The PDF file format is legal in court. According to the lawsuit, the court also publishes National Court forms and case opinions in PDF format on their official website.

For the time being, there are several options when it comes to formatting files into PDF. Right now, it becomes very easy to convert an unalterable file into E-document. Howbeit, the best option is the most practical and economical PDF.

Here are a few opinions mentioned why convert documents to PDF file format are good and the best option to go through-

Easily carried

Remember when you last time appeared in court. You saw people managing heavy boxes of paper as well as folders in the hands. As a lawyer, it’s your responsibility to double-check all the needed documents and make enough copies of all documents. Make sure that you hadn’t forgotten anything. If you forget anything mistakenly, it takes time and effort to arrange the document and then the case will be postponed to the next date.

Apart from this, you can carry PDF on your smartphone and iPad. Now you don’t feel bothered if you don’t have any printed documents that you needed for a particular meeting or case hearing. A PDF file will help to make a quick access to the required documents anytime you want them. A smartphone device could hold thousands of PDFs at the same time and you do not need to waste time to find any document that you might need in court.


The search function is not accessible to paper documents. All you have to Grab a file of papers and you need to get every page that is required for information. What to do if there are 100 documents, you have to carry at the same time. PDF documents are searchable and it takes seconds to find the particular document. One can find the right PDF file in a minute and quickly jump to the right page that you need.


The paperless court journey is good-to-go. It is very easy to serve PDF files as electronics paper and over time, it could be a good decision to make your judicial services paperless. File cases could be sent by mail in PDF format. The inconvenience of shipping, mailing, and faxing is eliminated.

Accurate file organization

Normally, you have to organize papers in folders and other kinds of sources. One can create digital folders across all the devices. Now you can organize the files and folders in an iPad and smartphone. The pdf maker will allow keeping all documents in a PDF format and organizing the file rightly. More than that, you can back up the document swiftly.


Rather than follow old-school documents, PDF files are secured to read. The PDF document will allow taking necessary actions after putting in the required password. Only the recipient is allowed to access the information. It is very easy to implement password security on the document and no one can see the documental without entering the right password.

Easy to share

PDF is the best file format for sharing. It is very easy to email the PDF documents to the client, colleague, or anyone you are intended to. Now you do not need to worry about misprinting phones and other software versions with PDF documents. It is recommended to save the PDF file as a flattened copy. It is the right process of applying signatures as well as and notations to PDF files. It means that the file is fillable and that you can add-in required details as per choice.

Here we discuss how a lawsuit could be benefited by using PDF documents. All these documents are searchable, portable, and very easy to manage and share. So we hope it will help to understand why PDF will uphold in court and law farm.

There is an online tool called 2pdf. It is available for Windows and smartphone both to create and edit PDF. It is one of the best PDF services in the market and best of all it’s free to use. One can effortlessly create PDF documents from a different source of file formats such as images, Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint. If anyone wants to instantly create PDF from the scanner, you go to use 2pdf and this will automatically scan your document to convert into an editable PDF in a few seconds. Go paperless!

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