An Interview with Prof. Amit Ghosh [Professor of Law at Surendranath Law College, Kolkata]

Professor Amit Ghosh is a State Aided College Teacher, Government of West Bengal, (SACT-I), in the Surendranath Law College affiliated to the University of Calcutta. He completed his BA.LL.B from Surendranath Law College and LL.M from ILI, New Delhi. Now he is pursuing Ph.D. Scholar in The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. He is also qualified UGC NET in the year 2018.

1. Hello Sir, Please Tell Us Something About Yourself to Our Readers.

I am alumni of this College, passed out BALL.B from Calcutta University in the year 2012. I have done my 2 years LL.M (Corporate and Criminal Law) from ILI, New Delhi, 2014. Pursuing Ph.D. from WBNUJS, Kolkata. I had a research experience of 2 years in NUJS, Kolkata and I have also taught in various universities across West Bengal such as JIS University, St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata, The Neotia University. I love to listen to Music and ardent sports lovers such as Badminton and Football.

2. What Inspired You to Choose Law as Your Career? Why Law and Not Engineering or Medical Studies?

Law was never the first choice for me, my family wanted me to be a doctor though I was a science student but I never felt to be a science graduate or pursue a stream of science. I wanted to join Army but I could not crack NDA. I joined college with English Hons, after two months I felt that it is not the right choice for me. I shifted my focus towards laws getting inspired by debate in the parliament and political histories. So, I choose law as my career and what I am today is because I think Law is an instrument of social change where you can engage humans with their aspirations.

3. You Completed Your BA.LL. B from Calcutta University and LL.M from ILI, New Delhi. Please, Tell Us About Your Law School Journey and Experience.

I got selected in the University Calcutta through All India Law Entrance and secured the rank of 247 that year. I completed my BALL.B from Surendranath Law College, I was determined to do master’s from a good institute, I had appeared for LLM entrance in Punjab University and ILI New Delhi, I got selected in ILI, 2012-2014 batch, 2 Year LL.M.

4. Sir, Did You Pursue Any Extracurricular Activities Such as Mooting, Debate, Seminar, Online courses, Publication and Sports? How Did This Contribute to Your Holistic Development? Do You Think Such Activities Are Important in Law Student’s Life?

From my College days, I was very active in gathering knowledge outside of the classroom as well. I represented the college in various capacities such as Presenting papers in various seminars across West Bengal. I used to participate in Legal Quiz in various forums. I was actively associated with various civil society groups which crafted my inner knowledge of the law and helped me to view society from a different spectrum. I used to participate in Debate Competitions across West Bengal. I had also represented in Inter College Football tournaments organized by the University of Calcutta.

5. What Do You Like Best About Teaching? What Is the Best Thing About Being a Professor and What’s the Worst?

Teaching is something which you can not equate with monetary value. Teaching gives you more understanding of the subject ever before you have studied for yourself. Teaching as a profession is a lifelong experience because it creates a relationship between teachers and students which is for ages. Teaching gives you a scope for expanding the vision of students about the subjects and society at large.

The Best thing about being a professor is you Learn and unlearn at the same time. It gives you the vision to think in a multi-level approach.

The worst thing about being a professor is sometimes you are given a short span of time to speak but you have prepared more with that topic.

6. Sir, When Would You Say a Legal Academician Is Ready to Start Writing Books? Any Time Management Tips for Budding Legal Academicians? When Would You Say That an Academician Is Successful?

Writing a book is sheer comes out of passion. It is better to publish a worthwhile piece of writing rather than expanding no of writings. For me, it is the quality of writing which matters.

Time Management- Try to finish your work before on time and don’t find excuses to shift the blame on something.

An academician is successful when his or her students shines more in a different field, and everyone acknowledges that Prof, has changed his thoughts.

7. Do You Feel That There Are Differences Between Students Of ‘Elite’ Law Schools and Students from Other Law Colleges and Traditional Universities?

I have been in both National Law schools and traditional universities, I think that in Traditional universities the students have potentialities similar to students from any national law school but pedagogy is not changing with time in the traditional universities. There is also a lack of opportunity and information among the students of traditional universities. But traditional universities have given opportunities to study law in a much more affordable style.

8. Could You Please Give Young Readers Certain Tips on Excelling in Academics? As A Teacher What Tips Do You Give to Your Students for Proper Understanding of a Subject?

  1. Try to read in between the lines while reading any piece of writing.
  2. Try to analysis what you have read with the contemporary situations for a better understanding of the subject.
  3. Do not only read your textbooks but make a habit of reading different subjects of different authors. Then you will find the magic of analyzing it while teaching your students.
  4. perseverance is the key to success.
  5. Have faith in yourself whatsoever others think of you.
  6. At least for 10 mins daily be with nature and observe them closely it will make you feel alive of your existence.

9. The Best Experience and Success Habit You Would Like to Share with Law Students to Encourage Them.

  1. Be honest with yourself.
  2. Determination and perseverance is the key to success
  3. There is no shortcut in life.
  4. Be focused on what you want to be.
  5. Be an early riser.

10. Lastly, What Would Be Your Message to People Who Want to Take Up a Career in Teaching?

Teaching must be out of sheer passion rather than only a vocation. You must be ready for the change while teaching a subject. Try to improvise new methods for teaching which fit your pedagogy.

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