An Interview with Ritanshi Jain (Asst. Professor at IPS Academy, Dept. of Law, Indore)

Ritanshi Jain an Assistant Professor, IPS Academy, Dept. of Law, Indore. Apart from being a lawyer, she is well-formed personality, having presented in society as an Author, the Editor, well-versed Researcher and above all, an ideological thoughtful person in the field of law. She explores the experience as a teacher to the fullest by teaching as a guest faculty on renowned online law portals also. She also coined an idea for legal fraternities which is in sphere of diversity of language and ideas helping others to grow. And, this is exactly the idea behind website named  Lex Memento, a legal world for all. Explore her little initiative for the sake of law aspirants which helps in connectivity. It’s a little step towards law field for litigants as well as for academicians.

Book Writing/Editorship

She wrote two books naming “Socio-legal Dimensions of Gender Law” & “Cyber Law and Information Technology ”, published under Singhal Law Publication with an ISBN No. She is an Editor to “Indian Legal Solution: A Research Journal”, “Indian Legal Wings” and “Juris Edu Law Journal”

She is a member of the editorial board in various Research Journals also, many journals, websites, books, and newsletters, have published her brilliant articles and well-researched papers. She also have been a participant at various seminars and workshops in India.  She also has taught law subjects such as Banking Law & Negotiable Instrument and Cyber Law & Information Technology as a teaching assistant in a prestigious law college named “Modern Law College”.

1. Hello Madam, Please Tell Us Something About Yourself to Our Readers.


I am an Assistant Professor, IPS Academy, Dept. of Law, Indore. Apart from lawyer, having presented in the society as an Author, the Editor, well-versed Researcher and above all, an ideological thoughtful person in the field of law.

Teaching is not only my dream job but also a childhood dream. There are many reasons for me to opt for teaching as a profession. My mother was also a teacher and due to some reasons, she had to leave that profession at the time of her marriage. She struggled a lot and as being her daughter, I want to do something for her.

I also coined an idea for legal fraternities which is in sphere of diversity of language and ideas helping others to grow. And, this is exactly the idea behind the website named Lex Memento, a legal world for all. Explore my little initiative for the sake of law aspirants which helps in connectivity. It’s a baby step towards law field for litigants as well as for academicians.

2. Madam, What Inspired You to Choose Law as Your Career?

Well, what inspired me to choose law.

Honestly, I never planned to choose law.  For this, I can opt some lines of remarkable poem – The Road Not Taken’, the road symbolizes our life, the path that we don’t choose. The path which we have chosen, decides our future, our destination. So, we must be wise while making choices. Sometimes,  It happens in our life when we have choices, we have alternatives, but we have to choose only one out of them, we take time to think about the pros and cons, whether it is suitable for us or not and only then, we take a decision on what path we should choose.

Even in our life, we take any path or option but all of them have the same benefits, disadvantages, problems, challenges and we must face them. We think that we are not choosing a better option, but it is not that way. Sometimes, destiny speaks louder.

Law is a very versatile field and have learned so much via various subjects. Even I should say, basic legal studies must be a subject in every field of studies.

3. You Completed Your BBA. LL.B from CPJCHS & School of Law, GGSIPU and LL.M from Renaissance Law College. Please, Tell Us About Your Law School Journey.

I have done my higher studies from DAV affiliated Dayanand Model School. I have completed my graduation ( 5 years integrated programme) from CPJCHS affiliated from GGSIPU and Masters in Constitutional Law from Renaissance University, Indore.

During Graduation, I have learned basics and also participated in extra curricular activities and also did internships in courts till 3rd year. Then, I have faced challenges in the legal field and also visited for field studies when I was in DCPCR.

After all that internships, I was indulge into publication work as well as polishing myself for academic field.

During Post Graduation, a golden opportunity was given by my ideal person and he asked me to teach. That was my bestest experience during journey of law school. I explore the teaching field as well as tried to give my best. Teaching law is also not so easy, you have to study much for the same.

Law is never ended subject of learning. Its very interesting as well. We can relate the studies of law with the depth of sea. Everyday, we can learn something new by amendments. It includes the law of almost every kind of subject (Banking, Chartered Accountant, Tax, Civil, Criminal, Vehicles, Consumers etc). Its a legal as well as social subject for the welfare of society, create awareness and provide justice.

4. Madam, Did You Pursue Any Extracurricular Activities Such as Mooting, Debate, Seminar, Online courses, Publication and Sports? How Did This Contribute to Your Holistic Development? Do You Think Such Activities Are Important in Law Student’s Life?

Yes of course! As being a law fraternity, I still believe in learning so pursued online certificate courses on various subjects simultaneously. Apart from it, I have keen interest in research work so I was indulging in writing papers, articles, blogs etc and it was published on websites, newsletters, Journals etc. During furnishing my skills, I wrote books as an Author under Singhal Law Publications

Extra curricular activities plays very important role in life of law student. Such as Moot Courts helps the student to consider himself as an advocate and enable him to learn the art and etiquettes of an advocate. Likewise, moral equipment, as well as intellectual equipment, enhance via debates.

Formal communication skills, meet-up opportunities with eminent personalities and presentation skills developed through seminars and conferences.

Thus, activities are a small steps of stairs towards development. Never stop learning !

5. Madam, What Kind of Internships Did You Do While You Were A Student? Any Remarkable Experiences During Your Internships That Shaped Your Career Choices Later?

During Graduation, I did internship atleast of one month after each semester. I have started my internship from District Courts and have done till 2nd year. Then, in 3rd year, I have completed my internship under CGSC of High Court. Then I was a legal intern in 4th year under tutelage of Delhi Commission for protection of child rights, Govt. of India. I have learned so much in my each and every internship.

But, when I was in final year, Instead of internship, I have started writing. As I was keen researcher and had interest in write ups rather than litigation. So, I took participation in various kind of competitions.That was my remarkable experience which shaped my career choice. I had also joined many online portals as a team member. I explored too much via those platforms. I have an experience of Public Relations, Blogger, Author, Editor, Counsellor.

6. Any Important Things Which Law School Didn’t Teach You But ‘Teaching’ Did?

Life lessons teaches you the most.  Its a cycle going on. Every action have a reaction. We did mistakes, we improvize that mistakes, we learn, we practice and practice makes a man perfect. As being a student, we didnt had responsibilities, burdens and we dont need to accountable. If we did mistakes we can rectify. But, as being a teacher, you almost have no chance for improvement. We have to accountable for every action. In law school, nobody judge us but in the teaching field, its vice versa. As a law student, if our performance goes down, we can improve and if performance goes up, we are deserving for appreciation. But as a teacher, our performance should be balanced.

But if I am sharing my experience then personally I believe Student satisfaction is most overwhelming for me. If student is satisfied and understood in the same sense what we want to teach and provide result accordingly then trust me, its bestest moment for a teacher.

7. Could You Please Give Young Readers Certain Tips on Excelling in Academics? As A Teacher What Tips Do You Give to Your Students for Proper Understanding of a Subject?

As an Academician as well as Teacher, one of the most important tips wants to give you all that- “Research”.  In the field of law, either you become an Advocate or Judge or academician or teacher or opt any designation, you should be good in research.

A law aspirant should have 5 basic skills-

  1. Proper Understanding of subject (Read carefully, re-read or interpret in simple language)
  2. Good Listner (Listen others calmly and ask/discuss when other completed his worda)
  3. Keen observer (Observation helps the aspirant a right direction for work)
  4. Clear (not be confused)
  5. Patient and always curious to learn new things\

8. Madam, Do You Feel That There Are Differences Between Students Of ‘Elite’ Law Schools and Students from Other Law Colleges and Traditional Universities?

Well, there are bit differences done by the society. Lets take an example for Elite- NLU’s Students. Even, Law firms and Universities give priority to NLU’ s aspirants rather than other law students while recruitments. Some even didnt give an opportunity to other law students to show up their skills.

But as according to me, there should not be differences. Law subjects are same for all. Even law says the concept of Equality and Equity. The one who didnt crack CLAT exam that time, didnt mean he is not having a good knowledge later.

Chances and opportunities to prove himself must be given to all law aspirants.

9. The Best Experience and Success Habit You Would Like to Share with Law Students to Encourage Them.

Wisdom Comes from experiences and it comes from knowledge and learning.

My best experience – I was always curious to learn new things. I always used to read and write in my own words. I used to make notes. I never afraid to do hard work. I was loyal towards my goal.

Ok, let me tell you a short story of mine. When I was pursuing graduation, during internship period, I was offered by a job opportunity in the High Court. But I refused the same not because I didnt like the same  rather than I didnt want to cheat my profession. I was trainee there but for career purpose, I want to take a step in academic. Sir was upset because I was not joined but at the same time, he was impressed with my decesion. I am in contact with him till now.

So, that was my best experience which might encourage students for loyalty towards their goals. Do whatever you want. Money is important but its not everything.

Job satisfaction, Career choice, Interest, Passion, Dream job and hardwork with loyalty to achieve the same is the best mantra for success.

10. Lastly, What Would Be Your Message to People Who Want to Take Up A Career in Teaching?

Whatever situation you have in life, just chase your goal with your full determination. Definitely, It won’t easy but yes if you chase with loyalty then none can stop you for accomplishment. Face the challenges, don’t afraid from obstacles and focus on your dream.

For readers, I want to convey a message that teaching is respectful and versatile profession. A teacher plays many roles at same time. He/she should be polite and understanding in nature. Teacher is one who not only shape a child’s future but also encourage them for fulfillment of their dream.

My ideal cum teacher asked me to become a good teacher. He gives me a lesson regarding teaching- If you are not sure about what you are teaching is right or not then admit it. If you are wrong then admit your mistakes. If there are only one student in classroom still give your best. If none can interested in listening still try to hold a class in attractive manner. Never give up. Just do something new every day at your best. Never judge any student and never stop learning. Sometimes, teachers also learns from their students as well.

So, as being a teacher, I want to say thanks to all my teachers of school and college as well as all mentors who guide me, support me, and for shaping my career as I wish for. !!

As per my observation, Just try to fit your foot into other’s shoes. Mould yourself according to others too. The day when you comes out from your comfort zone then you have enjoy the every colour of life.

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