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Borrowed Features of Indian Constitution

The Constitution of India is the supreme law of the land. It is the longest written document in the world, it contains 448 Articles and 12 Schedule in 25 parts. However very few people know that most of the features of Indian Constitution was borrowed from other Countries.

These are the some features which are borrowed from other countries:

United Kingdom:

  1. Nominal head- President (Queen)
  2. Post of Prime Minister
  3. Parliamentary system of government.
  4. Bicameral legislature ( Dual house of parliament)
  5. Lower house of Parliament is more powerful
  6. Single citizenship
  7. Speaker of Lok Sabha
  8. Cabinet system of ministers.
  9. Rule of Law.


  1. Written Constitution.
  2. Vice President as the ex officio Chairman of Upper house of Legislature.
  3. Fundamental Rights.
  4. Supreme Court.
  5. Provisions of States.
  6.  Independent Judiciary.
  7. Judicial review.
  8. Preamble
  9. Removal of Supreme Court and high Court Judges.


  1. Concept of federation with a strong center.
  2. Distribution of power between states and center and placing residuary power to the center.
  3. Appointment of state governors by Center.
  4. Advisory jurisdiction of Supreme Court.


  1. Concurrent list
  2. Language of the Preamble
  3. Provisions relating to trade, commerce and intercourse.


  1. Directive Principle of State Policy ( DPSP)
  2. Nominations of member to the Rajya Sabha by President.
  3. Method of election of President.


  1. Fundamental duties.
  2. Five years plan.


  1. Laws on which Supreme Court functions.


  1. Suspension of fundamental rights during emergency.

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