History And Development Of International Humanitarian Law

Introduction The term ‘international humanitarian law’ refers to the current understanding of the laws concerning the conduct of warfare. The ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross), guardian and promoter of International Humanitarian Law[1] describes it in the following manner: “International humanitarian …

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International Human Rights Instruments and Bodies

INTRODUCTION Human Rights are those Rights which human can entitle by the virtue of being human. Human rights are Universal they remain the same for every human being without any discrimination of caste, religion, colour, gender, occupation. Human rights are …

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Human Rights And Indian Constitution

Concept of Human Rights Human Rights are universal. They are the birth right of every member of Human family and are necessary in order for us to live as Human beings. They are the rights inherent to all Human beings, …

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Theories of Human Rights – An Overview

Introduction “Human rights” in the words of R.J. Vincent, “are the rights that everyone has by virtue of his very humanity. They are grounded in our appeal to human nature. [1]Human Rights is a dynamic concept. It is most commonly …

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Why Death Sentence Should Be Abolished?

INTRODUCTION Death penalty, an inhumane and cruel act which is performed by some of the countries as a sign of punishment of some aggravated crimes. Some of these countries are India, China, Afghanistan, U.S.A, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt and …

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Theories of Human Rights

INTRODUCTION: Every citizen belonging to their respective countries enjoy some rights that protect their virtues, under support of law, like the Fundamental Rights enjoyed by every citizen of India. Similar to this, and on a much larger scale, human beings …

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Introduction To Human Rights

All human beings are born free and they possess equal rights. They are endeavored with reasons and conscience and should act toward one another in spirit of brotherhood. The definition of human right in UDHR is significantly taken from French …

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Human Rights Violations in India

INTRODUCTION: In India, human rights have always been a widespread issue. Even before India got its independence, the Britishers inflicted a great deal of gross conduct towards Indians resulting in numerous human rights violations. After obtaining our independence, the drafters …

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