Join Law Firm Certified Master Courses (Bundle Courses) at Affordable Fees!

What is a Master Course?

A Master Course consists of a bundle of six to seven courses concentrated on a particular field of law. For instance, a Master Course of Intellectual Property Rights consists of courses pertaining to the related fields of IPR (Art Law, Internet Law, Fashion Law, etc.)

Why Should You Choose A Master Course?

A Master Course provides the student access to related courses of a particular field at affordable fees. It is pertinent for anyone who intends to carry out an in-depth study of a specific field.

How will you benefit?

  • Better understanding of the topics by being mentored by various practicing lawyers.
  • Self-Paced courses. You can start and finish the course at your convenience.
  • Get a free book by Bloomsbury (For selected courses only).
  • Get a Letter of Recommendation.
  • Affordable Fees.

Master Courses offered by us:

1. Master Course in Technology Laws: Technological advancement has paved its way into the legal sector in recent times. These laws are complex in nature and thus required more than just a theoretical perspective of it. The courses pertaining to technology offer a wide-ranging understanding of varied areas of the sector and the experience of the legal professionals ingested in the courses makes the study all the more simple.

2. Master Course in International Law: The advent of globalization has increased the need to learn about international laws in place. International laws are a body of rules, treaties, standards that are applicable to states who act as international actors. The courses on International laws each cover a discrete area of the field and provide a holistic view of the global community.

3. Master Course in Intellectual Property Rights: Almost everyone in society is a user and potential creator of intellectual property. Its protection, through a system of national and international rules called intellectual property rights, is necessary to provide incentives and financing for innovation and creation, which in turn lead to economic, cultural and social progress. These courses related to the field of intangible rights provide an insight in the field from various perspectives.

4. Master Course in Corporate Laws: The Corporate arena with its ceaseless growth provides innumerable opportunities for young professionals to carve an extraordinary career line for themselves and these courses each deal with a unique area of the sector.

5. Master Course in Business Laws: The business sector in India is one of the highest contributors to the economy of our nation. Generally, managers underestimate the importance of laws in the business world. However, the importance of the legal implications of business is to be understood by the managers. These courses deal with the various aspects of the business sector in addition to the interdisciplinary fields.

6. Master Course in Contracts and Drafting: Contracts and Drafting form the heart of the legal industry. All lawyers, law students, and law firms must acquire these skills as they are the profoundly rewarding and profitable domain of any legal practice.

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