Use Of Science And Technology In The Field Of Law

Now, world has moved to modern period from the human civilization which is quite old. From the stone age till now there are lots of expansion and progress which have taken place in this era of the globe in every field. One is Law and another one is Science and Technology, both are the wheels of the same chariot, science is known as the study of the nature and behaviour of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them and it is also known as the knowledge based on th aspects of observation, study and experiments and if law is mixed with the aspects of science then grand and enormous results will take place.

Both are very different but both are the reasonable grounds and vehicle of society, it is just like a coin on which one side Law and another side Science and Technology. By these a society can develop fast and easily. By science, Law of any nation can not develop or help and also by Law, Science can not develop, but we use together at a time then definitely a society and a nation can develop. There are no any country which are running without law and regulation, & Science and Technology.

There are various laws and legislations which are enacted with relevance of science in most of the nations in the present world. The laws are developed by the use of science and technology, the society and business has taken place like – Electronic commerce, ATM transactions, Electronic records, Digital Signatures have changed the situations in a very easy mannerfor general public as well as economic classes. But in the positive field of all these there are negative things also because of illegal activities use to take place like- Hacking, Cyber terrorism, fake electronic records, carding, cyber fraud, cyber vandalism, money laundering, white collar crimes, cyber thefts, concealmentand fabrication of evidencein respect of forensic sciences, medical records, DNA testing etc.

Laws of our nation are in the side of positivity and also negativity due to misuse of machines, there is nothing in this world which are accurate in nature, every terminilogy or junction of any field have both aspects. Now we can see the use of science and technologies in Law field.

Cases can be lodged by home as well as crime place through mail, messages, instant message, video call, live video etc through any media devices.
Registration of any company, or any work of company, can be taken evidence at any issues regarding company. Corporate has its abroad term of science and technology & Laws.

Videography, direct jail to Magistrate office, trail court room, conference room, if there is hardcore criminal, or by which violence take place, short period of time.

Any evidence in any matter can be legal document in the form evidence.
Registration of marriage through media source in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

Taxation- whole procedure of this based on science and technology , only of their rules is based on Laws.
The Brain Mapping test is also known as P-300 Test. This test explains that the person accused is first interviewed and interrogated.
Medical Evidence- Post – mortem, examination of wounds, fingerprinting, DNA testing, Autosopy Report, Blood Test, Narco- analysis Test etc.

Just for all the above given reasons laws are enacted by the parliament like the Indian Evidence Act, Information Technology Act, Bankers Book Evidence Act, Money Laundering Act, NDPS Act and laws related to Polygraph, Brain – mapping, and Narco Analysisare also evolved. Relevant punishments related to criminal activities are also been added in the law making legislations by the parliament of country. The Information Technology Act has subject to various amendments from the pastmany decades because it deals with the computer technology which is related to both hardware and software mechanisms. The act deals with all the crimes like hacking, computer viruses, cyber thefts, cyber frauds, cheating, criminal representation, patent misappropriation, breach of confidentilty, etc., and many other cyber related issues.

The transactions carried out by the means of the electronic data and other means of electronic communication which is widely known as Electronic Commerce. To facilitate electronic filing of documents with the government of Indiaand further to amend the acts like Indian Penal Code. Medical evidence has a great importance for the last many years. The examination of wounds, the post-mortemreport in case of murder or any other physical offence, the medical reports given after expert opinion are admissible in the court of Law.

In the decided case Chimnal Ukbhai vs. State Of Gujarat- The Apex Court was of the opinion that the medical evidence adduced by prosecution has great corroborative value. It proves that the injuries could have been caused in the manner allege and the death could have been caused by the injuries so that the prosecution case being consistent with matters verifiable by medical science, there is no reason why the eye witness should not be believed. Unless however, the medical evidence in its turn goes so far that it completely rules out all possibilities whatsoever of injuries taking place in the manner alleged by eyewitness, the testimony of the eyewitness cannot be thrown out on the ground of alleged inconsistency between it and the medical evidence.

In India section- 161(2) of the criminal procedure code and Article- 20(3) of the Constitution of India protect the accused person from self incrimination. Article 20(3) of the constitution says “No person accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against himself”. Section 161(2) of the Criminal procedure code states that no person shall be bound to answer truthfully all questions put to him by a police officer. Law consists of the basic elements by which science and technology use to be channelized. The interaction of Law with science and technology can give fruitful results in a systematic manner which can be logical and productive in the long run.

Pushkar Pushp

Content Writer, Law Corner, 4th Year, B.Sc. LL.B, Central University of South Bihar.

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