What Are The Career Options Available After LL.B Degree?

Introduction: Law as a Career Option

Pursuing law as a career is undoubtedly the most exhilarating option with work challenges and financial benefits. Over the last few generations, India has witnessed a fast increase in the number of law students and legal practitioners around the country. It has been believed that the child of the doctor will become a doctor, the child of the teacher will become a teacher and so on. But lawyers along with other professionals have changed this taboo. Independent lawyers or the first lawyer in the generations have proved their ability and capability to excel in their fields. Studying law is becoming the choice of the more and more millennial generation. Earlier only civil, criminal, labor these basic laws and its legal knowledge was practiced. But as time collapsed, new and interesting subjects are also taking up equal space and importance in the field of law like cyber, space and international laws. Law experts even believe that the budding lawyers should practice more in their initial stage than proceed to the respective subject of their interest.

Career options for law:

Earlier the law career options were compact and very few like a criminal, civil, labor, etc. but now the time has come where more and more legal practitioners are taking good places at their respective fields. Some of the career options are:

1. Legal practitioner/ advocate: law students can practice their subject in the respective courts, can work as a family lawyer for any dispute. Advocates who practice in any court need to have a license to practice and must follow the proper code of conduct in the court. Honesty towards the client and self-belief along with the proper knowledge will lead to a good and known advocate. Practicing is like having a scuffle in court, to fight tooth and nail with lots of hard work and courage to present yourself with good deed inside a court. There is a famous saying that ‘lawyers are liars.’ This is totally a subject of one’s own wish and will. It is an advocate’s duty to defend his client whether by hook or crook. Morality is very skeptical with everyone’s understanding.

2. Legal advisor/ corporate lawyer: well begun is half done. To have a good legal career one can opt to work in any corporate sector or work as a legal advisor. Legal advisors have become household fame. Each corporate sector whether banks, private companies, government sectors, media each one requires a legal advisor as cases is now very effortlessly filed against any party or organization unlike there was an era when people used to think twice before filing any case. Now even a tweet or public comment can lead to run a case against you.

3. Government service: only the law graduates can occupy space in the three different organs of the government i.e. legislature, judiciary and executive. Other professionals can take up the offices in executive and legislature but not judiciary. That is why it is said that only law graduates have their vast options available with them. IAS, IPS, IFS, judiciary exams, PP and other options are available with the law graduates. Public service commission, UPSE exam and other exams open door to serve the government. [1]

4. Judiciary: being a judge is one the cream level work in our country. Judge are given respect by the people along with the good perks. Being able to serve for the justice and giving landmark judgment which changes the notion around the country somehow gives the utmost feeling along with the loads of pressure and hard work adjoined with proper implementation of knowledge. “There is a need for a certain amount of fresh blood in the system. People who have that idealism that’s needed to change things and freshness of perspective.’’[2]Delhi-based criminal lawyer Ajay Verma also felt that prior experience in legal practice provides better exposure to new judges. “But in terms of efficiency, we do have a lot of youngsters coming in these days with good research abilities and legal acumen,”[3]

5. Teaching: teaching can also be one of a good career choice for law graduates who are engraved with immense knowledge in a field or subject along with LL.M & PH. D degree. Universities and colleges recruit law postgraduates to train other budding law students to clear their basics.

6. Journalism: this is one of the newest approaching career options for law graduates. While connecting with the mass a professional is needed to be fully aware of the rules and regulations of the country so as he/she can convey it to the world with the utmost sincerity and truthfulness. News which we listen to daily should reach us with legal aspects and the law graduate will be able to do the same. Besides having a legal person as the editor of the news, the conduction should also be done by a person with legal knowledge. This will surely enhance the class and level of the Indian mass communication prospect.

‘lawyers are just like physicians, what one says other contradicts’[4]. A lawyer with his briefcase can steal what a man with a gun could not. Being a good lawyer need a good experience and patience to deal with the people. A good lawyer needs to have certain qualities hence these qualities are not fixed but can be somehow more or less the same. Hard work along with passion, good knowledge, sincerity, and lots of patience for the same. Even if you’re a lawyer representing a global corporate client, a legal secretary who helps abused women get constrictive orders, legal practitioner ‘s basic aim is to help others solve their legal problems. Legal professionals must be logical thinkers and innovators who are prepared to embark on this career. Individuals require barristers to get out of trouble, signify them in judicial proceedings, and ensure proper implementation of land laws, and lawyers need to perform such livelihood services and assist in making societal behavioral corrections.

At last, I would conclude that we have rules for all today, from serious crimes to simple functions like road construction. Since the rules and regulations restrict most all of the inappropriate activities, the result is that human beings become more obedient. For example, we have laws prohibiting alcohol consumption or laws imposing an obligation to safeguard the environment, the public and one’s neighborhood. As a result, lawyers are obliquely helping the people to change their practices. Lawyers are vigorously focusing on helping their clients get justice and penalize the lawbreakers.


[2]Former judge bharatchugh, partner at law firm L&L firm


[4]Sholom aleicham

This article has been written by Tanushree Chakraborty, 3rd Year Student of JIMS School Of Law affiliated to GGSIPU.

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