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Advocates are generally classified into two different categories that are advocates & Senior Advocates who are designated in Supreme Court or among any 21 High Courts by their experiences, knowledge, practice, and qualifying Bar. Only 1% of the lawyers have the prestige to become senior advocates by their skill, knowledge, and wide influence in this profession. A senior advocate enjoys its designation in every court if he has been designated senior advocate in one court. The seniority of the senior advocate is maintained by the BCI. A senior advocate is not allowed to meet the client directly for a hearing of the case it has to go through young advocates.


In 2020 you can find law firms at almost every cities over the country. But way back in the time of independence only metropolitan cities like Bombay now Mumbai, Madras now Chennai had law firms. The firms and the law firms have given their contribution to highly transactional and litigation works. The corporate law firms have attracted number of law graduates with adequate potential from all law schools all around the country and the world.


There has been always a shortage in the litigation field because the litigation field does not offer good remuneration like other law firms and corporate legal sectors. So, generally, people get attracted towards the corporate sector. Earlier in the class of litigation lawyers generally practice at the home town but now things have been changed lawyers are now practicing in tier-1 and tier-2 towns. In spite of not an early success and high remuneration the litigation sectors demand is huge and because of this reason, young Indian Lawyers gets attracted towards the opportunity to show their talent and secure high remuneration and fight for the betterment of the people.



A Corporate lawyer is a lawyer who works in legal firm and who specializes in corporate law. The corporate lawyer looks into the commercial transactions of the firm/company gives advice to corporations regarding legal rights and duties and it also includes the duties and responsibilities of corporate officers. The Corporate lawyers should have a good knowledge and understanding of various laws such as the contract law, accounting securities law, competition law, insolvency and bankruptcy code, intellectual property law, labour laws, licensing etc.

If a law student wants to pursue a career option in this field then he/she should have proper knowledge of these different kinds of corporate law.


Trial Lawyers are paid highly in India. The Trial lawyers focus mainly on specific fields of medical malpractice, corporate cases, civil and criminal matters. In this area the experience and skills of the lawyer matter a lot. They have very good chances to earn hefty amount depending upon the case and by way of their performance. The trial lawyers’ salary varies from 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs per year but the prominent and top-notch lawyers like Late. Ram Jethmalani charged 25+ lakhs for Supreme Court appearance as well as for Delhi high Court appearances. Then FaliNarimancharges 8-15 lakhs per hearing, KK Venugopal charges 5-15 lakhs and GopalSubramanian charge 5-16.5 lakhs per hearing for high court and Supreme Court appearances.


Intellectual property lawyer deals with trade, copyright and patent. This field of law provides endless opportunities. The spread of awareness regarding possession the IP Lawyers is very much required during this time. The main function of Intellectual property lawyers is to counsel their clients on establishing and protecting intellectual capital. Many IP law practices handle matters such as patents, copyright, licensing, trademark, distribution, and franchising and technology transfers. IP lawyers is another top-notch area of law which students can pursue post their law degree. The IP lawyers gets very good pay and their starting salary ranges between Rs. 50,000 toRs. 60,000 per month.Anand&Anand is a premier boutique Intellectual Property Law firm in India.


Criminal Lawyers are of two kinds: Prosecutors and Defense Attorney. Generally, Prosecutors represent the State or the Government and the Defense Attorney represent the individuals or the group of individuals accused of committing a crime. Depending upon your profile the salary of Criminal Lawyers ranges between 3 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum.


Human rights lawyers work in various governmental organizations for instance National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), State Commission for women, State Human Rights Commission, NGOs like CRY, Help age India, and Human Rights Law Network and in international organizations like Red Cross and Amnesty International. The Human rights lawyers also help in the formation of policies. Their average salary is INR 3,00,00per annum.


The civil rights lawyers basically deals with the issues pertaining to equality, social freedom, human rights and discrimination. Their job is to conduct research, draft legal documents, arguing cases in court and negotiating settlements. The key skills involved in this field are critical thinking and analytical reasoning. These type of lawyers help in people protect their civil rights and whatever damages are sustained they help in recovering them. These lawyers protect the people’s rights which are dabbled by any government or any other entity. Their salary varies from 4 to 6lakhs per annum.


The main role of tax lawyers is to advise corporations and high net worth individuals with respect to all areas of tax law on a day-to-day basis. The tax lawyers help in monitoring legislative departments and guide the clients on potential impact of pending legislation on their businesses and their personal finances. Total 1000s of notifications and circulars are provided by the tax and corporate sector every quarter. The amendment of tax laws is done every year and every court in India has non-identical point of view on the similar question of law. Tax law is one of the most dynamic field of law for adolescent lawyers to explore as apart from diversity and opportunities, and it also provides a handsome salary package. The starting remuneration package is around Rs. 5-7 lakh per annum at a good law firm.


Public interest lawyers perform numerous roles and tasks to promote access to justice. Some activities include providing community education, offering free legal services, undertaking law reform and policy work. They are involved in drafting legal processes, legislation and also they help in representing the individual clients who can’t afford the private lawyers. Generally public interest lawyers work for the government and non-profit organizations. Their salaries is between 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum which is comparatively lower than others.


The government lawyers assist the government with all legal frameworks. The Union, State or Local governments all have lawyers and attorneys on staff. The government lawyers’ salary ranges from 3 to 5 lakhs per annum.


The estate lawyers manages activities of real estate businesses they provide assistance in drafting legal documents like power of attorney, trusts, wills, deeds and tax implications.


Cyber lawyers deals with the internet and technology relationship also the electronic elements such as computers, hardware and software and information technology. The top 5 popular cybercrimes are Phishing Scams, Identity Theft scams, Online Harassment, Cyber-stalking, Invasion of privacy. Nowadays, there have been numerous crimes related with internet and cyber so that’s why to eradicate these problems cyber lawyers are appointed. In a landmark judgment in the case of National Association of Software and Service Companies vs. Ajay Sood & Others, which was delivered in 5th March by the Delhi High Court declared ‘phishing’ on the internet is considered to be an illegal act, demanding an injunction and recovery of damages. As a fresher you will earn around 15,000 – 20,000 per year.


The medical lawyers usually provide assistance or represent plaintiffs who have been injured due to medical malpractice or due to the error of hospital. They help in reviewing medical documents, files and receipts along with medical lawsuit. They advise legal clients on their rights during trial. Medical Lawyers salary in Delhi is 3,50,000 per annum.

This Article is Written by APARAJITA BALIHAR, Student of Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

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