Who Can Get Z+ Security In India?


Security is the basic concern for those people who have a high-end life. It is important for those people whose life is very precious for the nation and those who have contributed a lot towards the betterment of the nation.

Security in India

These people have immense importance and influence over the society which has made them branded as Very Important People (VIP).  These people need security for their social demand as they cannot easily mingle with the general public because one can never know who among the public can be a threat to them. They also need security for physical needs as they are very popular. It is rightly said that with popularity comes enemies which can be a serious threat to the safety of these people. Since these people are very influential so the security has to accompany them to whichever place they go for their personal security. Security is given to such people because they are very important for the nation. Security is also given to foreign officials who visit India officially. Foreign VIPs like President, Prime Minister, and different important Ministers of different countries, such people are also given securities. The security given to the President of America would be higher as compared to the security given to a foreign delegate. Security is given to these people as they are very important for our foreign relations with different countries.

Who can get a Z+ Security in India?

A person entitled to this kind of security, then he/she shall have security all over the nation. Z+ Security is given to very prominent people in India who are very influential and dominant people of India. These are those people who are an asset to India. This security is given to the people who have a threat to their life. When the threat is confirmed, a committee comprising the Home Secretary, Director-General, and the Chief Secretary in the state decides which category of security is to be given to that person. The security cover is removed when the government feels the threat is over. The Home Ministry takes the decision based on the inputs from the intelligence agencies, which include the Intelligence Bureau and the Research Analysis Wing. They largely give a subjective measure of threat to life or injury to a person from terrorists or any other group, based on information from their sources. Mainly this security is given to most important politicians like Prime Minister, Home Minister, Chief Minister of big states. Currently, in India, there are 17 people who have this type of security and they are protected by 35 to 80 highly trained commandos.

Types of Securities in India

There are many levels of securities in India. According to the threat and the importance of a person the securities are allotted to them. Greater the threat higher security would be provided to them like PM of India has Z+ security as he has a greater threat to his life as compared to other ministers of different states who have an X category of security who have a comparatively less threat to life.

So, there are different levels/categories of security provided to national leaders by Indian Government:

Z+ category of Security

  • It is the highest category of security in India.
  • It has 55 personnel including 10+ NSG Black Cat Commandos and many police officials.
  • Each commando an expert in martial arts and are fit to handle any emergency situation.
  • They are equipped with the latest weapons and communication devices for better performance.
  • There are currently 17 noteworthy people in our country who has been provided with such kind of security including our Prime Minister- Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath, etc.
  • They offer the best security in our nation so many personalities have to trust them for their physical security.

Z category of Security

  • This is the second-highest level of security provided by the Indian Government.
  • Provided to individuals who have comparatively less threat as compared to the people of Z plus
  • This category has 22 personnel including 4-5 NSG Commandos and police officials.
  • It is provided by IRTB and CRPF along with the State Police in which the person is present.
  • This security is provided to Guru Ramdev and Amir Khan.

Y category of Security

  • This is the third-highest level of security provided by the Indian Government.
  • Provided to individuals who have comparatively less threat as compared to the people of Z.
  • This Security has a cover of 11 personnel and 1-2 NSG commandos and police officials.
  • It offers 2 PSOs also.
  • There are 70 people in India who get this category of security in India.

X category of Security

  • This is the fourth-highest level of security provided by the Indian Government.
  • Provided to the individuals with the lowest threat.
  • This Category has 2 personnel (No Commandos)
  • This offers 1 PSO with the individual.
  • There are many people in India who get this category of security in India according to the threat.

Special Protection Guard (SPG) category of Security

  • The SPG is an armed force of the Union of India which provides proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and the former Prime Minister of India and members of their immediate families (wife, husband, children, and parents).
  • The motto of SPG security is “Zero Error” and “Culture of Excellence”.
  • The force is currently 3,000 strong.


NSG personnel has always been in high demand among politicians. NSG is not a protection unit; its core ability is in handling terror, hijacking, etc. The elite force is highly trained in physical efficiency, marksmanship, combat, and proximate protection tactics and is assisted by all central and state agencies to ensure foolproof security. These commandos are highly trained and proficient in martial arts.

This article is authored by Shivam Gupta, 1st year BB.A. L.L.B. student at Symbiosis Law School, Noida.

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