10 interesting facts of Mahatma Gandhi

1. Mahatma Gandhi was not a born leader. In fact, he was so shy that he would run home from school because he could not bear to talk to anybody.

2. Once during a train journey a British asked him to get out from the train as he was considered as black. But Gandhi ji refused because he had the ticket with him. Then the British and the Railway officer push him out of the train. It was a bitter experience of M. K. Gandhi with British.

3. Once Gandhi ji was boarding train one of his shoes slipped and fell on to the track, then the instantly removed the other shoe and threw it near the first one. His intension was to help the person who would find the pair.

4. Once in 1915, Gandhi ji went to Santiniketan and wish Rabindranath Tagore as ‘Namaste Gurudev’. Immediately Rabindranath Tagore replied ‘if I am Gurudev then you are a Mahatma’, then the prefix of using ‘Mahatma’ before name of Gandhi started.

5. The famous U.S Publication ‘Time Magazine” named Mahatma Gandhi the man of the year 1930.

6. His aim in life were truth, non-violence, spiritualism, religiousness, honesty, discipline, loyalty. All these excellence high qualities made him Mahatma, which means great soul.

7. He worked as an editor for several English, Hindi and Gujarati newspaper in India as well as in South Africa including The Harijan, Indian Opinion (South Africa)

8. Gandhi Ji wrote his autobiography in Gujarati, his personal assistance Mahadev Desai translated into English.

9. Gandhi ji had not celebrated India’s first independence day of 1947 15th August. He was not happy with the Partition and creation of Pakistan.

10. The third National Holiday of India is Gandhi ji’s birthday which fall on October 2. Other two days are republic day and independence day.

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