Is There Any Dress Code For Lawyers ?

Yes, lawyers do have a dress code as the legal profession is a respected profession which has its own attire and they are recognized through their dress in the society and lawyers cannot be admitted in the court in an informal manner as the court is a room of justice and fairness, where judges and lawyers everyone needs to be formal and their prescribed dress as their dress tells about their honor respect dignity and justice as their dress color, is black and white males can wear a white shirt with black coat and black trousers or grey trouser or stripes they can also wear a kurta.

Females are allowed to wear white shirts, sarees, salwar kameez, or long skirts as they have to wear a black-tie but instead of it, they wear the white band in the Supreme Court, high court, a district court, and session courts. Lawyers are the knowledge assets for the country as a lawyer we have a duty towards the country for attaining justice for our clients for the welfare of the society so we need to be in a respectful formal uniform. As many lawyers don’t take it seriously they just wear anything they want to but it’s not right there should be some discipline amongst the lawyers we only explain and tell everyone about the rules and regulations of the country so our first duty is to obey rules ourselves. in my college, we have 3 days formal in a week which many students don’t follow but I wear formals on these days as it distinct me from other courses as other students from my dress recognize me that I am a law student who makes me proud and special.

Lawyers without dresses can also be identified as we get to know about a person by the way he or she talks so when we interact with a lawyer we get to know about him as he has more knowledge current information as compared to a normal citizen of the country as lawyers update themselves daily they love to read and gain their knowledge about the count in India we have supreme court as a room of court records which gives justice to the citizens of the country where strict rules are applied for everyone present in the courtroom where a lawyer needs to be in a proper formal dress with the black-tie he cannot wear a white band in the supreme court. We have two colors in the dress of lawyers because it presents the two sides of the case one of prosecution and another of defense so they need to lawyers one each for presenting their case in the court as white presents justice and black proves the one guilty or a criminal.

As a lawyer we should be known to why we wear a dress and what does it present towards the society what is the value of that dress what it indicates to other citizens as clients trust their lawyers in all fields that they will recommend them the best. So being a lawyer for a firm or a private lawyer we are held with lots of responsibilities. As these two shades reflect our personality decisions is ours what we have to do we can prove a guilty person not guilty and can also prove a not guilty person guilty we have that mind, knowledge, awareness, and powers which distinct us from others, as black color also represents submission as a priest wear black to submit himself to god as lawyer submit to court justice and purity for his client. This question is very argumental and there is no conclusion for this answer it is being followed by generations and started by England which is being followed all over the world. So as a lawyer or judge we take an oath for only giving justice, working with dignity, fair and pure beliefs and betterment for the country by introducing more rules and laws getting update according to our changing society and thinking of people is also changing in new generations so according to the laws should be changed and updated . As only one thing is same lawyers wearing their same dressed to courts daily without any change in the uniform, it can be called boring but though it’s a rule which should be followed for years though currently dresses are recommended for changing due to this coronavirus where online proceedings are taking place so they can wear white band with a white shirt.

This article is written by Aakriti Maken, Student of Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Management Studies.

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