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“GOOD LAWYERS KNOW THE LAW, GREAT LAWYERS KNOW THE JUDGE” from these words will begin reviews on the movie Jolly LLB 2. The movie Jolly LLB 2 is directed by Subhash Kapoor. It is a dark comedy movie which tells the disaster condition of the Indian Judiciary, bad conditions of junior advocates, senior advocates blinded by the power of money. It also highlights that how advocates are acting as a shield to the criminals rather than safeguarding justice.

JOLLY LLB 2 is a story of young lawyer, ‘Jagdishwar Mishra’(Jolly)(Akshay Kumar) who struggles to get justice while fighting the fake encounter case against the most powerful advocate ‘Promod Mathur’(Annu Kapoor) which was fought in the court of ‘Sunder Lal Tripathi’(Saurabh Shukla).

This is a blend of emotions, comedy, court room drama and a strong message at the end. The work of the jolly was fooling his clients and fulfilling the dreams of his family and his own dream of owing a chamber. As his desire of having his own chamber induced him to cheat on that lady who handed him 2 lakhs in a hope that her case would be fought by the senior advocate of jolly under whom he practice. When the lady discovers the truth of cheating with her which was done by Jolly, she felt helpless and disappointed that she committed suicide. This guilt made Jolly to defend the case of that lady who wanted the justice for her innocent husband who died in the fake encounter.

As the system being whole corrupt, the case was very challenging and there was no straight way for Jolly to prove his case, also the defence advocate Promod Mathur was very ruthless advocate who can go to any extent to prove his point. The defence advocate Promod Mathur gave his best to save his client who was a police officer but Jolly was so engaged in his case as he proved that the death of the Hina’s husband was a pre planned murder but was given the shape of police encounter.

The movie has an impressive plot and most of the scenes have been shooted in a court room.

The acting of the Judge Sunder Lal Tripathi was hilarious. He resumed the court proceedings in midnight hour. The way court proceedings have been shown is quite different from the reality but the legal system that has been shown is almost touched to reality.

Advocate Jolly, in order to prove his case turned into an investigator and does all that things which he can do to win the case and in last the way he fluently cross-examined the last witness made him won the case.


The character of Jagdishwar Mishra aka Jolly was very well played by Akshay Kumar. His only dream is to get his own chamber. He makes money by fooling people. He worked as a junior advocate at a senior lawyer’s chamber. Jolly was also barred from practising but  in the given time proved himself by back in the court and fighting the case.

The character of Pushpa Panday was played by Huma Qureshi who loves whiskey and Gucci dresses. Her character is under developed and could have been shaped better.

The character of Judge Sunder Lal Tripathi was played Saurabh Saukla who played it exceptionally well, who added humor to rather serious court proceedings. His Order! Order! was of no when there was chaos in the courtroom.

The character of Promod Mathur was played by Annu Kapoor who was fully in his character and showed how an advocate go to any extent to prove his case. He was best example that how an advocate acts as a shield to their criminal clients.


  • The first highlight of the movie is the verdict given by the Judge which was worth remembering. He told the importance of the judiciary in the state and also held the accused liable for murder.

The next thing he told was that people take help of the court when there is any conflict or issue between them as they think court will resolve their problem despite of knowing the large pendency of cases and delay in the delivery of justice.

He also mentioned that there are more than 3 crore cases pending and to deal with it there are just 21,000 Judges. After seeing this we can imagine the burden that the judiciary is carrying upon its shoulders.

The Judge also said that when the other organs of the state i.e. the legislature and the executive closes their eyes and ears, the only believe for people is that the judiciary will listen to their problems and will provide them justice. He also said that it is the duty of the Judge to maintain the belief and trust of the people.

  • The second highlight of the movie is how jolly used his evidences while presenting the case and the cross examination of the witnesses was also another highlight.

At last the author wants to say that Jolly LLB 2 is a movie which shows the dirty politics behind the law and which also shows the reality of the legal system. But at the same time leaves with a message that if someone is innocent he will get justice and the criminal will be punished.

“Behind the black coat not every heart is coloured, not every lawyer is blind”

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