Online Certificate Course on IPR’s @Last Date of Registration 30th July, 2019

About Legal Aawaz

The Organization of Legal Aawaz was developed to serve benefits in career, academic and in personal aspects to the students of law, management, social sciences and to provide a platform to the media field as well. Legal Aawaz provides assistance not only to the students but also who are in need and facing problems by providing guidance through email,telephonic conversation and personal interaction. In the past we have organised various national and international conferences and seminars, Workshops, Mun’s and moot courts. We have also organised legal aid camps in various remote villages some of them are Udham Singh Nagar, Jonkgao Rishikesh. Legal Aawaz has well qualified, experienced advocates which provide free assistance to the needy and has a large number of volunteers from different parts of India which organises workshops, Legal Aid Camps, and walks to bring out a change in the society.

About MATS School of Law

To become a world class center in providing globally relevant education. MATS will be the Global University, known for the quality academic programs and outstanding faculty, products and services to students and clients independent of place and time constraint. At MATS LAW SCHOOL, the aim of our 5 year BBA.LL.B. (Honours) Degree Program is to create lawyers who are comfortable and skilled in ‘dealing’ with the differing legal systems and cultures that make up our global community while remaining strong in one’s own national legal system. The MATS LAW SCHOOL students will be trained to specialize in international trade practices, comparative law, conflict of laws, international human rights law, environmental law, gender justice, space law, biomedical law, bio-ethics, international advocacy etc. They will also acquire a general knowledge of American, English, and European Union legal system apart from a working knowledge of official languages of the United Nations like Arabic, French, Russian and Chinese.

About Online Certificate Course

Intellectual property law deals with the rules for securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works. Just as the law protects ownership of personal property and real estate, so too does it protect the exclusive control of intangible assets. The Intellectual Property Rights Online Course has been introduced with the objective to provide a platform for candidates to gain practical knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights and its importance for innovation and growth of a businesses and the economy as a whole.

Career Assistance

This course is designed to advance your technical and professional skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject


We offer Digital certification on successful completion of the course which will add value to your resume and enhance your profile.

How does it work?

We provide a research based approach for learning through case studies, online Notes in PDF Form via Mail lastly end up with Final Exam (Theory Exam)

Brief Highlights Of Course

Introduction of Intellectual Property Rights Law, Copyright Law, Patent Law, Law of Trademark, Law of Design and GI Act. Number of Modules (5) Five.


Any one can Apply

Last Date of Registration is 30th July, 2019

Commencement, of Course, is 1st August, 2019

Final Exam is 15th of September, 2019

Course Duration: 1 Months (1- August-2019 to 30- August-2019)


For Registration you need to send Cover Letter with all your details and Payment Screenshot at

Registeration Fee: 500-/ RS only

Payment Details:

Bank Details: Punjab National Bank

Account Holder Name – Raghav Gupta

Account Number- 1175001700013305

IFSC Code – PUNB0117500

Via Paytm: 9997685128

Contact Person:

Raghav Gupta: +91 7906904541 (Whatsapp number/Calling number)

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