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Human Rights And Right To Education

Education shall be directed to the full development of Human Personality and to the strengthening of respect for HUMAN RIGHTS AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS”[1] Education plays a very important role in the development of Human Resources. Education is the only instrument …

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Theories of Human Rights

INTRODUCTION: Every citizen belonging to their respective countries enjoy some rights that protect their virtues, under support of law, like the Fundamental Rights enjoyed by every citizen of India. Similar to this, and on a much larger scale, human beings …

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Introduction To Human Rights

All human beings are born free and they possess equal rights. They are endeavored with reasons and conscience and should act toward one another in spirit of brotherhood. The definition of human right in UDHR is significantly taken from French …

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Human Rights And Indian Constitution

Introduction The Constitution of independent India is federal in nature and is based on the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice. It elaborately sets out Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles and the Duties of citizens. The Fundamental Rights are interpreted …

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International Humanitarian Law And Human Rights Law

International Humanitarian Law International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is also known as the laws of armed conflict as it is applied only during some armed conflict or war. It is the law that determines the conduct of armed conflict. It comes …

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Human Rights and Fundamental Rights

It was during the French Revolution of 1789 that ideas of equality and liberty started taking concrete shape. It was considered that all humans, irrespective of any condition, possessed some inherent rights by virtue of being born human. All human …

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Judiciary – Harbinger Of Human Rights

Introduction Rights of human beings today occupy the top most slots in priority, nationally and internationally, over other issues. With the growing tendencies of technologies and arbitrary and abuse of power, the very survival of human beings is under great …

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Refugee Crisis In The Modern Day World

Turn the pages of history and you will invariable see that societies and civilizations committed to protecting, upholding and celebrating human dignity have flourished. The modern concept of human rights emphasises the inherent, inalienable rights of all- civil, political, social, …

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Protection of Human Rights : An Universal duty

Broadly speaking human rights are those fundamental rights which are inseparable, inalienable rights which are essential for the life of human being. Human rights are those rights which are possessed by every human being regardless of their nationality, race, religion, …

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