Protection of Human Rights : An Universal duty

Broadly speaking human rights are those fundamental rights which are inseparable, inalienable rights which are essential for the life of human being. Human rights are those rights which are possessed by every human being regardless of their nationality, race, religion, sex, etc simply because they are human being .these are the rights which we inherit from our nature absence of which might lead us to face problems.

Human rights are those rights which are very fundamental and that is why they are sometimes called fundamental rights as they are called so these are rights which cannot be, rather must not, be taken away by any legislature or any Act of the government and which are often set out in a Constitution. Human rights and fundamental freedoms only allow us to fully flourish ourselves and use our human intelligence, qualities, talents, conscience and to fulfill and satisfy our physical, spiritual and other needs. It is universal duty to protect these rights to the fullest so as to enhance the personal life of each individual human being with dignity and liberty.

There are many provision in our Constitution to protect these rights but at same time these are the rights which are protected at international level too , thus it ensures us that it is the responsibility of each individual, society, nation to protect these core rights which are the essence of living a prosperous, peaceful life and in turn it helps to develop a great acumen of every single human being who would definitely bring a change in our world  .

Provisions under the United Nations Charter :
Human rights occupy crucial, weighty, momentous chapter in any story of United Nations.

1. PREAMBLE of united nations charter begins ” We the people of United Nations ”
The framers of the Charter were really serious about and did not rest with the using of these words in the preamble but went on to give content to these words in various provisions concerning human rights, elimination of colonization, non-self governing territories, economic and social council. ” WE THE PEOPLE OF UNITED NATIONS ” are very meaningful, these words reflects the objectives, aims, goals, set up by the framers of the Charter  wanted to achieve. The preamble further reaffirms “faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of human person, in equal rights of men and women “.

2. ARTICLE 1 puts the promotion of respect of human rights on the same footing as the maintenance of international peace and security as the purpose of the U.N.

3. It is the duty of GENERAL ASSEMBLY to initiate studies and make recommendations for the purpose of ” promoting international co-operation in economic, social, cultural, educational and health fields , and in assisting in realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms to all without any discrimination on the basis of race , sex, language , or religion “.

4. ARTICLE 55 charges the U.N. to promote universal respect for , and observance of , human rights and fundamental freedoms to all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion, further ARTICLE 56 says that all members must pledge themselves to take joint and separate action in co-operation with the organisation for the achievement of purpose set forth in ARTICLE 55.

5. ARTICLE 62 AND 63 ECOSOC [Economic and Social Council ] is empowered to make recommendations for the purpose of promoting respect for, and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms to all.

6. ARTICLE 68 ECOSOC  can set up commission in economic and social fields for the promotion of human rights  and can set other commissions as may be required for the performance of its functions.

All the above mentioned are some provision under the U.N. CHARTER which ensure to protect and uplift the human rights so that every human being can develop itself to the best of his /her ability, efficiency, capacity, etc . U.N. is an international organ which set up to all the nations to follow its provision related to human rights and many others.


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