Traditional Form Of Discrimination

We all live in that universe that is characterised by the word ‘Diversity’. There is not just one planet or one star, but there are galaxies of all different sorts, a plethora of animal species, and different kinds of plants, and different races and ethnic groups. God shows us even with the human body that it is made up of different organs performing different functions and that is precisely the diversity that makes it an organism. If it was only one organ it would not be a human body”.

Discrimination, intolerance, prejudice and racism are deep rooted, complex forces. They take many forms that can be based on difference of religion, nationality, social classes or gender. Why discrimination of all sorts is difficult to eliminate? We all are living in the world of science and technology which signifies that man has advanced his thought process but when we look at the word “Discrimination” it is still there in operation. Why this kind of discrimination is still in existence in the society. Human being has advanced itself with the modern technology and reached to the moon but has never invent such technology that can read a human brain, human feelings and emotions. A human being has advanced its brain but never tries to advance its heart and thought process. It has been said that human being is the creation of god, still a “Human being is discriminating other Human being on the basis of gender, race and religion”

Discrimination on the basis of sex and inequality between men and women nullifies and impairs the enjoyment of rights and the full advancement of women and girls worldwide. Displacement arising from the armed conflict, persecution and other serious Human rights violation can intensify this discrimination and inequality. Sex discrimination and inequality can also be the contributing cause of displacement of motivation for flight of many women and it can occur at all stages in the displacement cycles. Similarly many persons are at risk of statelessness because of ‘Gender Based Discrimination’ in nationality laws and women who are already stateless face various problems, not least gender- based barriers to the recognition of nationality. Persistent racial inequality in employment, housing and other social domain has renewed the interest in the possible role of discrimination. Contemporary form of discrimination is always been termed as subtle and covert posing the problem for social scientific conceptualization and measurement. While many parts of the world made great strides in reducing the racial, ethnic and gender discrimination. Looking a casual glance across the globe quickly reveals that the scourges of ethnic and gender intolerance are far from being eliminated. Despite intense and desperate effort to eliminate intolerance and discrimination appears to be every bit as bad in the modern world of science and technology.

Discrimination is something that we must never let ourselves become complacent about .although we can lose sight of this when bombarded with all the mounting horrors of war and intolerance in the world and after a while you can become kind of desensitised and one must be aware that some discrimination is due to cultural differences, mentality and customs differences, which can lead to stubborn refusal to try and reach mutual respect.

“Discrimination around the world is widespread as it is pernicious. Its victim is diverse, including women, refugee, migrant workers, indigenous people, minorities, and those whose political views or sexual orientation are deemed objectionable for one reason and the other.

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Pranav Kaushal

Pranav Kumar Kaushal, Content Writter, Law Corner, Student B.A., LLB 7th Semester, School of Law, Bahra University, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

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