An Interview with Bhumika Sharma (Ph.D. Research Scholar, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla)

1. How Would You Like To Introduce Yourself To Our Readers?

I am an optimistic person who likes to write, travel and talk with loved ones. I am also fond of watching Hindi Cinema. I completed my B.A.L.L.B. (Hons.) from the University Institute of Legal Studies, Shimla in 2010. We were the first batch of the institute. We were guided by both experienced and fresher faculty. It is always exciting and fun to be amongst my batchmates. Just after finishing the Bachelors’s degree, I got admission in the L.L.M., Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. Since our college was a self-financed institution located in a separate campus, the time spent at L.L.M. was different. I choose Business Laws as my specialization there. Destiny brought me to academics immediately after the completion of Masters degree. I have been teaching since 2013. I got enrolled in the Ph.D. course in 2016 and took a break from teaching for the course work.  It took me some attempts to clear U.G.C.-N.E.T. and currently the submission of my Ph.D. thesis is the short term goal.

2. What Inspired You To Choose Law As Your Career?

During childhood, both the advocates and judges fascinated me. For a girl in the 6th-7th standard, a law degree meant only these two career prospects. I wanted to pursue law since the time I had any ambition. After joining the law course and simultaneously doing internships, I developed an interest in social work at one point of time. By the time, I completed the course, my goal shifted to joining academics. So, sometimes only after going through the process, you realize what your career call is.

3. Tell Us A Bit About Your Study Time During College Life

Studies during college time was my only full-time activity. I did not enjoy my college life with my classmates. I used to love studying, completing the assignments on time and reading a lot. The energy and zeal of a young student allowed me to give my best.

4. What Areas Of Law Fascinate You The Most?

I feel the more we start exploring any area of law, the more interest we develop in it. Initially, I had been confined to Business and Cyber Laws till my L.L.M. After joining academics, it becomes necessary to have some knowledge of different areas of law in order to relate to them. At present, Labour Laws, Human Rights, Environmental Laws have become my key interests.

5. How Were The Initial Years As An Asst. Professor?

I still remember the initial few days of teaching. I was assigned a senior semesters (4th and 5th-year students). The naughty boys of the class made efforts to trouble the new faculty. I had a student who used to speak so fast that no one understood his replies and another student used to sing in the middle of lecture. I started ignoring them and then slowly a connect was developed. This way I gained confidence and their cooperation. My initial years were really great as the age gap with the students was less; around 3 to 6 years. I was able to understand them and their expectations easily.

6. How Has Been Your Teaching Experience Over The Years?

I have mostly taught the senior classes and I sometimes fear teaching the junior students. The teaching experience has been full of moments of happiness, satisfaction and affection. I have been fortunate to establish a good rapport with my students. I have realized that students want a faculty who listens to their viewpoints and is able to amend oneself for them.

7. How Important Do You Think Mooting Or Any Co-Curricular Activity Is In Shaping One’s Future Career In Law?

Different co-curricular activities during the law course enable the students to learn a variety of skills. These skills are not only legal skills but encompass other life skills. The exposure through these activities allows a student to decide what he or she likes and helps them to choose accordingly.

8. Did You Ever Have An Internship Experience During Your College And How Much Internship Is Important For A Law Student?

I had interned under Advocates, Indian Society for International Law and in the State Commission for Women. In Shimla, I had fewer options for in-person internships, apart from the Advocates. I had done a couple of internships online back in 2007-2010. At that time, online internships were just starting. I got to an opportunity to intern online in The Research Foundation for Governance in India, Gujarat.

9. What Should Be The Prime Concern Of A Law Student?

The law student should not confine oneself to any particular area of law. One should study all the subjects with equal dedication even if the goal is to join litigation or judiciary. After the completion of the degree, one should not stop reading and reading the latest developments in the field.

10. The Best Experience And Success Habit You Would Like To Share With Law Students To Encourage Them

I really regret not sitting at the backbench during my college life. I somehow lived this life during my teaching career by interacting with the students who used to sit in the backbenches. I would like to say that a balance is necessary- some fun and some studies go well together. An optimistic outlook and sufficient reading are keys for me till date.

11. Lastly, What Final Piece Of Advice Do You Want To Pass On To The Readers Of The Law Corner?

Sometimes, we as students underestimate various skills. Some students who are interested in litigation, emphasize on moots and some who want to join the judiciary focus on only some of the subjects. I would recommend not neglecting any subject. We must be well equipped with the basic knowledge. If you have opted law by choice, you know your targets. For those who joined law because of pressure or no option, work harder and find your targets before completing the degree.

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