Experience in the Law School and a birds eyeview to the Legal System by Joyoti Prakash Dutta

In this brief discussion, I think it to be apposite to explain on two different fronts, i.e.,

(i) law from the academic point of view and

(ii) law from the justice delivery point of view.


Studying in a law college which has an experienced panel of faculties with reasonable infrastructure is always a matter of privilege for a student. As the litigations are mounting in mammoth over the justice delivery system, the courses of law have come out to be the demand of the era. It becomes imperative for each law aspirant to have a clear insight into the available opportunities which would better facilitate making a choice among the best law schools. The financial and academic criteria undoubtedly play very vital roles for a student while opting for a law course. In this competitive arena, while everyone aspires to get the finest, only the ‘intellectual as well as academic might’ prevails.

The College to which this author belongs is University Law College, which is under the control and supervision of Utkal University, Bhubaneswar known to be one of the finest Government universities in the State of Odisha. This College is located at the heart of the capital city of Odisha, i.e., Bhubaneswar. It is known to be the second-best law school in the state only after the National Law University, Odisha (NLUO). With well-qualified and learned faculties, it provides for both 3 Years B.A. LL.B and 5 Years Integrated B.A. LL.B(H) as well as 2 Years LL.M Course. The Institution has fame for its achievements in State and National Level Moot Court Competitions. This institution is well-known for its unbeatable success records over the years in the State Judicial Service, i.e., Odisha Judicial Service (OJS).


“Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.” ~ Lord Hewart, Rex v. Sussex Justices; Ex parte McCarthy, [1924] 1KB 256 at 259.

Nowadays justice delivery system is facing an unprecedented backlog of litigations and most all the Courts in the country, irrespective of their position in the judicial hierarchy, are over-burdened. In this circumstance, a just and reasonable hearing to all becomes an important aspect of the justice delivery system. The emaciated position of the judiciary must not be allowed to hamper the constitutional rights of people.

The Hon’ble Apex Court has time and again considered this issue with gravity and has also issued a slew of directions for the betterment of general masses in different cases. It is much needed that frivolous, vexatious and derisory matters are well-filtered and weeded out. The matters of constitutional importance should be given the utmost apotheosis. This is the high time when the judges should be specific and should not resort to author the judgments with utmost prolixity and verbosity. The Judiciary being the third pillar of democracy must not let jurisprudential ethics to face corrosion.

The rights of all the parties should be respected and should be ensured that they are not mangled. The perilous tendency in the enforcement of rights reasonably and conclusively suggests the breakdown of constitutional mandates. Judiciary must take the mantle of constitutional responsibilities and guard the rights of the distressed, enfeebled and exploited with legal armoury and any hiatus must be discouraged. “Salus Populi suprema lex”, i.e., the welfare of people is the supreme law, this principle should get priority.

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