How to Set Up a Law Firm?

Here are step by guide to set up your own Law Firm

1. Give Your Law Firm an Appropriate Name

To begin with, pick a correct name for your law office. The name must show to your aptitude in a part of law. For instance, your ability might be in managing criminal cases, or monetary cases. Along these lines, the law office name must show the sort of cases you take up.

When naming the firm, ensure that you dodge the exhausted expressions, for example, ”— — – and Associates.” Instead, embrace basic and clear names, for example, ”— — – Law Firm” or ”— — Law Group.” If you wish to name your firm after your specialty, at that point expressions, for example, ”— — – Criminal Defense Group” ought to be liked. Such expressing of the names will help your potential clients in effectively finding your firm on the web. Consider these focuses moreover:

2. Have catchphrases in the association’s name for Search Engine Optimization esteem

Discover one of a kind name. Type a proposed name into Google and perceive what number of comparative names appear in the outcome. Continue disposing of such names until you locate a remarkable name identified with your zone of Practice.

3. Keep Away From the negative thinkers

Getting standard and steady inflow of customers is unquestionably hard for another graduate school graduate. The majority of the guidance with respect to opening a law office some of the time will be in a negative tone. They might be on the whole correct to some setting on the grounds that getting new customers will be hard for another legal advisor. You will learn by committing errors and not rehashing them and move to a specialist classification.

4. Make a proper plan

You should be prepared to work hard to make the firm successful. Make sure that when starting a law firm, everything goes according to the plan and budget. This means that you must chalk out detailed planning for business and marketing in advance. As an attorney, know competitive advantages of your firm, mission and vision statements, financial concerns, market analysis, etc. The cost of starting own law firm and the income required to break-even should also be in your mind.

5. Focus on Your Strengths and Expertise in the law sector

Do not make mistakes such as taking up all types of cases that come to your hand. You will end up in nothing. A better strategy is to settle for an environment that you are most interested in. For example, your niche may be to fight criminal cases or divorce cases. Or, you may be more interested in dealing with cases from the financial sector and other money-related. By picking your niche, based on your expertise, you will avoid competitors. Only a particular small set of lawyers from your sector of expertise will be your competitors. This way, you can build a referral network very easily.

4. Create a good website

Not all of your prospected clients will come to your law firm directly; many of them will first locate your firm online. For that reason, create a professional website that will give all the necessary information about your law firm.

5. Pick a physical address carefully

Your law firm’s physical address should be permanent and accessible. It is a very important factor in determining the success of your law practice. Nowadays, Google Maps will identify the physical address to locate and define your firm. So, pick the address carefully. Do not change or move the physical and web address frequently as it may adversely affect your internet marketing efforts, which is crucial to finding your law firm online. Ideally, please pick an address where your firm can stay for many years to come. Make sure that the search engines can find out the address easily. So, if your firm is in a larger building, map the office in Google Maps for the search engines for better results.

6. Enhance Your Intellectual Capabilities and social activities

Knowing the fine points of the case he/she considering is not sufficient for a successful law practitioner. It is also equally very important that your character quotient is high. This implies that characters like resilience and integrity are desirable qualities in a lawyer. Some skills such as empathy, courtesy and diplomacy are part of intellectual capabilities. Other qualities such as time punctuality, respond to your clients promptly and courteously and paying attention to the details also are desirable for starting a law firm successfully.

7. Build Network

Where will you get your clients? Since, your experience as a law practitioner is very little, you may not be known to many lawyers and other aspects of the service. So, know the practicing lawyers of your area and befriend them. As you meet them very often, you will ultimately know where to get your first clients. Many of the experienced lawyers will be glad to help you.

8. Be Confident

You should not be worried about your lack of experience as a lawyer. The fact is that the clients not usually bother about your GPA, age, and law reviews. They would not enquire about your class rank and your age. Many young lawyers have so many clients. Focus on cases on your hand and work hard, keep researching your case and honesty in your thoughts, rest of the things will fall in line in time.

9. Innovation

One of the greatest thing about being a solo or small firm attorney is the flexibility you have.  You can change the way things have always been done, incorporate new technology to meet the demands of your clients, and adapt your business to the way you like to do business. Don’t be afraid to try new things.  Educate yourself on new technologies and how your clients incorporate them into their business or lifestyle and then see what you can do to make the decision of hiring you all that much easier. Innovation is the fun part of running your own business. Embrace it.


Lastly, starting a law firm is not a too much difficult task, as many thinks. All you need is your confidence in your capabilities, knowledge, hard work and patience. But make sure that your law firm name speaks for your area of expertise and it has a website, a logo and a permanent and accessible physical address. You have to build a referral network also. Get the right guidance and support from your seniors and soon your firm will be on the path of success.

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Md Sahabuddin Mondal

Junior Advocate, Calcutta High Court

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