Seminar on Sedition Law in Indian Democracy Organized By Zia Judicials Legal Research Cell

About the organization

Zia Judicials Legal Research Cell was formed due to the sub-standards of education provided by existing institutes. Zia Judicials is located in Laxmi Nagar, Delh. Zia Ansari was focused to start LRC (Legal Research Cell) as a separate wing of Zia Judicial. ZJ-LRC aims to share knowledge through organizing seminars, workshops, conferences, talk shows. No one should be left behind; therefore ZJ-LRC aims to arrange various workshops, seminars, conferences, talk shows and many more across the country so that the existing heroes of law fraternity can meet and share their experiences with the upcoming budding stars of law.

Introduction to the Seminar –

‘Sedition’ means the words or actions that make people rebel against the authority of the State.

The meaning of sedition was explained by Lord Fitzgerald thus: “Sedition is a crime against society, nearly allied to that of treason, and it frequently precedes treason by a short interval. Sedition in itself is a comprehensive term, and it embraces all the practices, whether by word, deed, or writing which are calculated to disturb the tranquillity of the State, and lead ignorant persons to endeavour to subvert the Government and laws of the Empire.

Who to Join

Judges, Advocates, Academicians, Law students, Judicial Aspirant; Etc

Topics to be Covered :

  • History of Sedition Law
  • Why we need Sedition Law
  • Issues in Sedition
  • Sedition law and its Constitutional Validity
  • Use and misuse of Sedition Law
  • Sedition Law in Indian Democracy
  • Section 124A IPC : Should parliament repeal or amend the sedition law
  • Sedition law in stand of Supreme Court of India
  • Sedition – A consequence or mere conduct crime
  • Amendments Proposed

Chief Guest

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Permod Kohli
Former Chief Justice, Sikkim High Court

Guest of Honour

Advocate D.K. Singh
Vice-Chairman Bar Council of Delhi

Guest Speakers

Mr. Pavan Narang
Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Mr. J.S. Kalra
Advocate, Delhi High Court

Dr. Anurag Deep
Asst. Professor, Indian Law Institute

Date: 22nd  March 2020, Sunday

Time: 9am to 5pm

Venue: The Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi

Registration Fees:

Rs 1000/- (Students)

Rs 1500/- (Professionals)

Stationery Kit, Participation Certificate, Refreshments and Lunch at the Venue.

For Registration and More details:

Contact: 8527322073 | 9899905301

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